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First off, I had to post a picture of StephanieIj who won my Giveaway, she's pictured here wearing the snake ear cuff. This giveaway was such a success I have to do another one, maybe when I get to 200 about it? Follow, follow, follow and there'll be another TWP Giveaway. I'm thinking an outfit by a Nigerian designer this time..........

Now to the koko of this post.

Family, friends and collectively loved ones, welcome to my official birthday wishlist. With #CancerSeason almost upon us, a natural question arises "what shall I get Daks for her birthday?" No fear, I have drawn across a selection of different lists detailing the various things I'd love to have and I've narrowed it down to the 5 items you see below, sort of like a birthday registry.

God bless you as you bless me.


I know I've stressed my position as the Commander-in-Chief of Agbaya's Ikeja Branch here many times, but I'm sure you guys thought I was joking. I really haven't evolved past the age of ten, hence my penchant for seriously childish behaviour, one of them being my intense love for theme parks. I can live in a theme park for the rest of my life and be ecstatic and this one above is combined with my addiction to Harry Potter (confirmed #PotterHead). when I saw the ads for this park, I was stunned, Hogwarts built nearly to scale, Hogsmeade, drinking Butterbear, Hagrids house......


Please take me to this theme park, pleeeaase....somebody, anybody

If that's not possible, I'd settle for Disneyland.

Thank you!

2) THE CHANEL 2.55
One day on twitter, some girl (for the life of me I can't remember who that was now) tweeted that if you don't have at least one accessory or item of clothing by Chanel you are not a real lady. The curses that were rained on her head ehn, it was brutal, people took it personal, girls insulting the poor girl left and right. I personally thought it was hilarious, I mean, to own a piece by Chanel takes serious moolah and wealth doesn't necessarily make you a lady, the trappings of wealth are a great help definitely, but being ladylike is dictated by attribute not possession.

All yarns aside, me I sha want a Chanel bag.

In Miafarradaily's bag meme she put up a picture of her Chanel tote and added that her friend asked her if she walked differently now that she had a Chanel bag, because it had a kind of swagger. I thought that line was hilarious.

I want my own Chanel so I can be ladylike and walk or strut with a defiant or insolent air, I was made for Chanel dammit, especially the 2.55. First of all the bag is named after the month and year it was created, February 1955, February is my favourite month, courtesy for not so obvious reasons and my darling daddy was born in 1955.

You see, we're soulmates!

3) AN iTOUCHI have owned three mp3 players in my life, two iPods and an iTouch, I currently own none. Ask me where they are.....distributed amongst my siblings. The biggest disadvantage amongst the many many delicious advantages of being the first born (the best of them being you always get to pick first) is that your possessions have an extremely high turnover. Phones, cameras, iPods, it, the minute I get it, a younger siblings hands are outstretched asking for it. I've never owned more than one phone before, apart from the fact that I can't handle two lines, once I buy a new phone, one of my siblings takes the older one and thats the last I see of it.

Luckily, my immediate younger siblings are boys so my clothes and stuff are relatively safe, even at that, my sister is twelve younger than me and I've spotted many a Facebook picture where she's wearing items appropriated from my closet. I'm luckier than most, my friend A has five younger sisters and the poor girl is constantly in tears, her sisters have rendered her almost naked, I give thanks to God everyday that I got off pretty lightly.

Back to the issue at hand, every time I got an iPod or my last iTouch, I had to give it to one of my brothers after using it for like a couple of months. This is why I'm pleading with someone to please buy me an iTouch, biko nu. At least I'm safely away from my criminally minded family so I get to keep anything I buy, at least until I go home again, but that's 6 months away, so in the meantime I'd like to have one to tide me over till then.


Naturally you can't have an iPod without the listening accessory and I'm not talking about piddling earphones.........

3) BEATS BY DRE HEADPHONES IN PINKI'm talking headphones.

Chill first before you say I'm greedy, I really don't like earphones, they give me the worst headache, hand on heart. I can't listen to music with earphones for more than thirty minutes without having to take them off to rest my ears. I honestly don't know why this happens. This is why I never use the earphones that come with my phone, I don't even have any music on my phone, apart from the fact that with all the other load the blackberry carries and the amount of times it crashes per day, I don't want to add music to it, I'd have to use earphones to listen to it and me and earphones don't mix at all.

So yeah, thanks in advance.

4) AN iPADAn iPad is not a necessity for me, I have a laptop, I doubt I'd ever use it and when I see people using iPads in public I always think "wanker"......

But its sooooooooo coooool.

Gimme Gimme Gimme

5) CHANCE BY CHANELLast but certainly not least, I'd love some perfume si'il vous plait. This is practically a birthday staple or any kind of celebration staple even, its the most impersonal and at the same time the most thoughtful gift you can give a person. Perfume simultaneously says "I don't really know much about you, but I care about you a great deal". Thanks to many generous gifts over the years I've never had to buy perfume for myself. Come to think about it, I've actually NEVER bought perfume for myself, even a watch I think, perfumes are almost like mugs, I doubt any family goes to a store and says they want to buy mugs, especially if you live in Nigeria. A month of weddings can stock your cupboard for years.

Unfortunately all good things come to an inevitable end and my supply is running low. Chance is my all time favourite scent, bless me by putting it on your Daks list.

Good friends, do not be limited by the above, it may seem restrictive but I'll accept items outside of it with a gracious heart and a smile.

I know this list may seem a bit "ambitious", but as my mantra says, confession is possession, I have confessed it, generous friends and family help me possess it.

Love and light xxx

p.s. oh yeah, my birthday is on the 7th of July xxx


  1. Thank you so much TWP!!!!!!!

    What's your addy? How do we send birthday cards (at least) to you?

  2. Happy Birthday in advance!!! Hope you have a great one with at least a few of the items on your list! :-)

    Lola x

  3. Happy Birthday dear!!! I totally love chance by Chanel and Bvlgari Jasmine Noir and I most always have them in my collection, thanks to daddy who introduced me to them and "himself" who has kept it up. Do hope you get all you have wished for.

  4. i love chance too... its my favorite too.

    the only reason i want an ipad is cos of the effizzy that comes with it, i'm ok with my macbook.

    goodluck with the rest of ur list, and a chanel bag definitely gives a swag to ur steps. i love it how some girls act like they dont care when they carry theirs, when they're actually walking on the moon. lol

    i'm 06/07 a day before u

  5. Haha! U get big eye o babe! Chanel 2.55 didn't easy like that ooo. Anyhow, when that day reach, I'll do serious prayer for you, asking god to bless u wella!

  6. I want an ipod touch so badly i am having visions about it. My resolution for this year was not to be a brand whore and to spend at least 6 months without shopping ( so far so good) but i don't know if i will give in and walk into an apple store. p.s loved the article they wrote on you on bellanaija.

  7. This your list is big o, am on your page as well. I want so many things and sometimes I say, God forgive me for being selfish but it's going to make my life easier. I can only dream, girl keep believing, everything will come. I so can understand this

  8. Lol..nice list! confession is def possession..Got everything on my list last year...:D

  9. grlllllllll ihope u get that chanel bag o coz i got a chanel bag as a gift and trust me i couldnt contain my excitement
    its so totally worth it; now i carry it everywhere

  10. Try downloading an app called quickpull for your bb. Essentially what it does is reset your phone (kind of like a disc config for BB) which will limit the amount of crashes you experience. I recommend that you schedule it to reset at a specific time each day- preferably late at night when you use your phone the least. I have mine set to 12:30am... Try it and see if it works for you.

    Also, have you set your phone to auto on/off? That also helps a lot so your phone can get some down time, even if its for 2 hrs. There are different options for weekdays and weekends.

  11. lol. interesting list. When I saw the first Item, I thought you were asking for the theme park itself.(dream big, now!). Hope you get all that's on your list.

  12. eeeyyaahh! why didnt i enter dis giveaway?? i dey jealous stephanie gidi gan. nonetheless, it looks nice on her.

  13. AMEN my sister. I claim all of the above for you!!


  14. THIS is one of the most funniest and bestest post i have read from yu clown i am buying yu a carton of indomie noddles !!!LWKMD


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