Saturday, October 1, 2011

Arm Party

I know arm parties are hella stale by now but I just recently started to get into it. I'm more of a fan of stacking bangles which is why I never went for arm parties and I always thought they looked waayyy childish because of all the friendship bracelets and threaded bracelets. However a month ago or so I decided to try it and turns out, not so bad, actually kinda cool.

The term "arm party" was coined by the hilarious Leandra Medine who writes The Man Repeller and its totally made its way into fashion phraseology.

Below is a photo of Leandra's own Arm Party.

And Kristina from PrettyShinySparkly

The ground rules for creating an Arm Party are that there are no rules, just keep adding them as you go along. Bracelets can be stacked on both arms but I prefer to do it on my left hand because I think it looks really awesome with a watch thrown in the middle.

My Arm Party

Closer look

My party is a mixture of friendship bracelets, a braided leather wristband, silly bandz, metallic bangles (both silver and gold) and random wristbands. You don't have to bust the bank to have an arm party. Everything on my wrist, except my watch, altogether cost me a little under 10 pounds.

Go forth and party people.

And before I forget Happy Independence Nigeria baby.

Love and light xxx

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  1. Love your arm party! I gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award! Check out the link below!


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