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Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012 - My Favourite Street Style Looks

The best part, undoubtedly, of any fashion week, be it the Big Four (New York, London, Milan, Paris) or any of the interminable number happening in various cities around the world; are the street style looks.

Fashion Week tends to bring out the savvy and not so savvy fashionistas within us and knowing Nigerians propensity to go large or go home I'd been eagerly waiting street style snaps from Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012. My people definitely did not disappoint, I spotted a lot of great looks and some I'd rather not see again in polite company, but overall people brought it beautifully.

These pictures I've appropriated from the various websites that were kind enough to keep those of us who could not attend updated on the goings on are my favourite looks out of everything I've seen so far. It might be a particular accessory, pair of shoes or the entire outfit but these are the ones that definitely made me take a second look, and I present them in no particular order.

I am loving everything about this, the carelessly rolled sleeves, the statement neck candy, dominatrix type shoes and the gorge blend of colour and neutrals.

 I thought this lady looked so casual and carefree, definitely not trying too hard. The print skirt and jade multi strand necklace are fab.

 Wokie of Madam Wokie is totally working the pussybow "schoolgirl" look, I especially love the stacked animal print platforms.

 I LOVED this look, the python print top, emerald pleated maxi skirt, strappy platforms, tri-colour clutch and the piece de resistance.....her uber cool 60s John Lennon type sunnies. So not typical but definitely winning.

 I like the high collar on the dress and the bold pink + red pairing, but the reason I like this look goes beyond the outfit, I think its more of her stance/expression. Definitely made me look.

 Very creative dress by Re Bahia, I like the mixed material, fabulous ombre hair and cat-eye sunglasses. Love.

 Loving this retro goth look by Adaobi. I especially like the rimmed sunnies and sheer, polka dot shirt.

 You can't go wrong with sheer in my book (well I'm sure some people can) and I love the understated, easy look this girl is giving me here. Great smile too.

 Fantastic pop of colour and gorge sequin skirt from Toke Makinwa. Loving the combination.

Very interesting outfits by Eku Edewor , my favourite is definitely the clashing prints of the shirt and pants of the picture on the left, the fabulous shoes with lucite heels and the gorge bag; very well put together. The white playsuit and blazer on the right are very Chanel-esque. Top marks. 

 Always a delight to see someone do colour well, love the rolled up cobalt pants and stacked Kente bangles.

 Another very casual, yet seriously stylish look, especially loving the structured bag.

 My girl here looks about 7ft tall and fierce AF, love it! Her shoes are major, on anyone else this look would have been OTT but she just looks amaze.

 Michelle from Bombchell dot com gave us two very different looks; the super ladylike combo of neutral and red and the sports luxe look with the neon trainers and panelled tights. Loving the old school Louis Vuitton graffiti bag.

 This heavily embellished top is amaze! It looks Nigerian but I can't be completely sure, if anyone knows where its from please let me know. Love it!

 Stylist Ezinne Chinkata is totally giving me a holidaying on the Cote d'Azur vibe in the laser cut white shift dress and woven box case, very 60's.
I also like the contrast of the print dress and block collar on the girl of the left.

 I'm really loving the contrast between the print dress and plain white brogues on Ozzy of 4Aces. The statement necklace is a huge plus too.

I never imagined anyone could pull of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's in Nigeria till I saw this photo of Yagazie Emezie from Hungry Aba Gal. The dress, the socks, the shoes, the arm party, the hair A+++++++++ 

 Kike of Style By Queens looks very chic in this lace top and print skirt. Love the ladylike look.

 Onyinye Fafi Obi of Fashion Phoenix worked a fun, playful look in her Elsie Vintage blouse, pleated maxi skirt and O'eclat bag.

 I though this lady looked beautiful, especially the fabric earrings and print skirt. At first look I actually thought she was Nike Osinowo.

 Very playful, retro look. I'm especially loving the hair.

 Despite neon being one of the standout looks this season I saw very little of it at Arise, which is why when I saw these neon jeans I went "A-HA!". Very welcome sight indeed. The multi-tone sandals are ace!

 Love the sleeveless blazer and shoes. Menswear done right.

 The contrast between the peach chiffon top and the gold collar necklace is definitely a win, very interesting blouse structure. Great hair too.

Clashing prints, harem pants, huge statement necklaces; this lady threw in a lot of my favourite aesthetics. I'm loving the combination.

So these are some of my favourite looks so far, I haven't seen street style photos from Saturday and Sunday so the minute they are up on the usual sites I'll start compiling my favourites from them too. Its hard to pick one standout look but from all the ones I've posted here I definitely have two that stood out for me above the others.

What are your favourite looks and which ones do you think I might have chosen for my top two.

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  1. I'd say Eku Edewor's pants outfit (left) and the lady in the peach left-side buttoned chiffon top.

  2. My favourite is the girl in the snake print shirt and maxi skirt. Love her entire look

  3. Thanks for the feature Daks
    we have LOADS more street style and runway posts coming up tomorrow so watch out for our fashion overload

  4. I love the first outfit of the person in yellow shirt, but not too sure of the choice of shoes. Personally, I would have preferred a beige pumps and cage sandals. She still looks lovely :)

    The girl in the green maxi skirt--love the outfit and choice of top and color of shoes, but not the style of the shoes...she looks great!

    I also love the Re Bahia dress--great look from head to toe.

    Love Eku's mix of prints. Those shoes are fabulous :)

    Enough of my street styles


  5. My favs have gatta be the 1st, the one with Kente bangles and the one with white oxfords.

  6. ahhh I love street style..

    I love the 7ft model looking chick, she worked those shoes

    Eku's mixed print is just fab - my fav

    and I love the Re Bahia dress n how she let the dress do all the talking and didnt over accessorize...

  7. Wait so no guys? What guys aren't worthy?

  8. What have we done? Ehn? Nothing from the guys? This can't be fair

  9. You didn't like any of the men?? LOL!

    I love the first girl, the girl with the kente bangles and the girl with the peach shirt/black pants tres chic without trying too hard.

  10. Nike Oshinowo actually wore something similar from Asibelua, though.

    Love the emerald maxi skirt outfit. Her nail polish (toes) is that ish!!

    First time commentator, long time reader (yay me!)

    I heart your blog!

  11. I'm definitely feeling a lot of your pics. Its hard to pic a fave sha. I absolutely loved Ezinne Chinkata's outfit. I need Onyinye Fafi Obi's bag like right now.
    Love the girl with the peach top and gold necklace, Ozzy fact I pretty much love most of what you posted. People definitely repped well, and street style is my favorite part of any kind of fashion week.

  12. the heavy embellished top is by APRIL BY KUNBI and thats the designer wearing it, kunbi oyelese.
    toke Makinwa was dressed by her all thru the fashion show and she also uses mo cheddah as her muse.

  13. great pics and lovely outfits!


  14. great post! I lvoe the streestyle pics! :)

  15. what a great post! I love all of the colorful looks! xoxo

  16. I abso-lute-ly love Eku. I've been toying with the idea of clashing my prints. Fear dey catch me! Love the fact that she took baby steps in print clashing by using neutral colours. I guess I'll start small like Eku and who knows if I'll get to Solange's stage. The chich (Solange's is fierce!).

    I like the python and emerald skirt combo!

  17. arise was a lotta fun you woulda loved it, and we coulda bitched about them wasting time together lol. thanks for the shout out!! *happy dance* lol i know im such a cheese ball. lol

  18. you know there are two of them right? Eku and georgina...a lot of people dont know this lol...TWINS!


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