Monday, March 26, 2012

L'espace + Third World Profashional

L'espace, the multi-concept mini Selfridges in Nigeria, land of fro-yo's and Afro couture is invading the Third World Profashional universe in a major way.

In the bid to promote homegrown talent and African fashion in general we are pleased to announce a collaboration between the L'espace team and Third World Profashional!

*clashing cymbals*

This union is set to be legendary and we intend to carry all our lovely profashionals and shoppers along with us. There will be several opportunities for you guys to be a part of this exciting venture as we will be introducing contests, giveaways and style challenges where people have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes courtesy of L'espace and Third World Profashional.

To be kept abreast of all developments check out the L'espace tumblr page Love L'espace and follow the L'espace team on twitter  @L_espaceByLPM.

To be eligible to participate in the forthcoming activities and win awesome prizes you have to;

Like the L'espace Facebook page HERE

Like the Third World Profashional Facebook page HERE

Follow Third World Profashional on Google Friend Connect

Sooo excited and can't wait to get started.

Love and light xx


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