Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pink & Purple

I'm as embarrassed about my highly unimaginative post title as you are, but its hella stressy coming up with a new title every time, you have no idea. Added to that I am currently laid low by illness once again so my brain feels like heavy eba drowned in a bowl of ofe-uha.

I used to believe I was some kind of health super-hero, like I never ever got sick, apart from my once yearly bout of malaria, I was always in prime physical condition. I've never being put on a drip, I've never been admitted in hospital, I've never had to get stitches, I've never being unconscious....basically I've been living in a frigging bubble. Over the past 6 months however, I've caught every nasty bug that just floats by me, normally I'm a demon for sanitizing and not touching stuff in public and all but since my immune system crashed I've become a germophobe to the nth degree. It didn't help that I saw Contagion while I was in the throes of soul sapping flu, after seeing that movie I don't even like to shake people anymore. Despite all these precautions I still fall ill at the drop of a hat.

The first two days in London were fine and warm but from Saturday the weather turned icy and my health plummetted, I spent the entire trip clutching Night Nurse and antibiotics in one hand and my Scapular in the other. Therefore I got into very few hijinks and my pictures are very tame indeed.

As usual my jolloff rice, my tomato Jos; Molly, was housing me for the duration and on Thursday we attended my friend Jnrs birthday do.

Bershka blazer
H&M tank
Topshop high waist pants
ASOS oversize envelope clutch
Topshop jewelery

Molly Mols was rocking her Virgos Lounge Ruby Maxi. She was the first person I ever saw in Virgos Lounge, she fed me the VL gospel and I became a convert, I have gone on to preach the word of Virgos Lounge, winning souls everywhere I go.

Seriously though, I know tons of people who have bought VL because of my rhapsodies.

I hadn't eaten a thing that day and Jnr did not disappoint, the lems were solid, I ate till I could eat no more. Would have taken a picture of the food table but at least 60% of the damage done to the food was by me and it would have been very shameful to put the evidence of my gluttony on here.



The next day I'd already started to feel a bit wonky but I was determined not to be a party pooper so we went to Trader Vics for dinner and then a bar later on for drinks.

I actually got this Ponti dress for my little sister who's 14 so its a size 8, which is a US 4. Th dear child is about 5"8 or 5"9 so even though she's skinny AF I have to buy her bigger sizes or they'd be too short on her. Anyhoo Mrs. U thought it looked too grown up on her so I decided to keep it and what would you know, it fit like a glove. I never knew I could fit into a size was a glorious day.

ASOS Ponti dress
Topshop earrings and double cuffs

Hung out with my school grandmother (yes, you read right), Nne.

Let me break it down; when I was in JSS1 at Vivian Fowler, my school mother Ngozi was in SS1 and her school mother was Nne, who was in SS2 or SS3 at the time or so. Therefore, she's my "grandmother".

Very cool story.

Could not keep Molly from spoiling the picture, smh.

Took this picture at the end of the night which was when the fever and shakes had started, I'm definitely looking significantly worse for wear.

I managed to still venture out a bit after that, but nothing too serious, mostly lunches and dinners and a bit of shopping. Definitely no more bars or anything.

Someone needs to invent a vaccine that stops flu completely, I'll do anything to get my hands on something like that.

Meanwhile I'm having a bit of a dilenma, I have finally decided to join 2012 and get a proper camera. I hung out with my friend Terence of OneNigerianBoy the other day (pictures to come) and he has the most fabulously retro inspired Fujufilm bridge camera which I was totally panting after. I'd made up my mind to buy it when I saw a Canon G12 bridge camera too, now I'm torn. Do I get a bridge camera or just go the whole hog and get an SLR one, and if SLR is my best bet what kind would you recommend?

I really need help, I'm clueless about this kind of stuff. My problem with the SLR ones is you have to change lenses and that sounds like a bit of wahala to me. Is it really worth it?


Love and light xx


  1. I'd recommend an SLR camera, don't know anything about the bridge one. You look fabulous in spite of your illness

  2. Your skin looks amazing, whatever camera you're using right now I think its fine.

    Im as clueless about cameras you are but I recommend going into a store and asking the attendants. When I need to get something I just hit up the people at Best Buy and they advise me.

  3. Adaku looking flyyyyyyyy loves it

  4. You could try a Canon D700, thats what I use and the resolution and image quality are fantastic. I agree bridge cameras are less stressful though, they combine the best parts of SLRs with digital cameras.

  5. Wow!

    So I dnt really do fashion blogs but my sister is a big fan and I saw your pics on her laptop by mistake.

    Im in love.

    Marry me.

  6. The cannon t3i is good.It comes with good basic lenses so you dont have to change it around or anything. It takes AMAZING PICTURES. I use a NIKON D3000 because it was the cheapest i could get but I need to upgrade to better lense.

  7. I think you have sold me on the virgoslounge obession too, I totally love it. You should please check out my blog as well

  8. I have a Nikon D60 and two Nikon DX lenses and would definitely recommend it. Changing lenses is a snap for most cameras nowadays...and it makes me feel all Henri Cartier Bresson :)

    If you want something retro cool, a (vintage/re-purposed) Leica may work but can be a bit pricy. I don't think you can go wrong with a Canon, though. I agree w/ anon re Best Buy. I used their online comparison tool before buying my kit in-store.

    You look lovely in the dress; wouldn't have known you were ill :)

  9. Virgos Lounge should make you a spokes person really! all these ads shouldn't be free.

    You look fab in the dress, although i understand why Mrs. U thought it was too adultish for your kid sister

    Get well soon

  10. Loved this post!

    P.s Where is Mollys bag from?

  11. Who wants to know ?

  12. you look amazing in that ponti dress, wish i could help you out in terms of the camera

  13. I started getting sick just like you described after being on birth control. The artificial hormones plummeted my immune system and raised my blood pressure terribly. Just something to consider if you are on it. If not, guess its another culprit.

  14. Purple perfection! Love the look. And you have a gorgeous decolletage (no homo).

    Camera. I had a canon and switched it up for a Nikon D5100 with whom I am very well pleased! Has a pop out screen and lovely for shooting videos. Still have a lot to learn though.

    The Nikon D60 is quite amazing too and if you want to go all out, their D7000 is the boss!


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