Sunday, March 18, 2012


Quick outfit post.

Wore this to a friends party on St. Patrick's day, tried to circumvent the "green" I knew would be everywhere by doing mint instead. Still surprised that I'm getting into pastels, was definitely not a fan before. I prefer my colours a bit more blinding than muted.

Dorothy Perkins jumper in Mint
Topshop denim bustier (worn underneath)
Topshop supersoft Leigh jeans in Pewter
Prada tote
River Island colour block sandals

Loooove this ear cuff/hair comb thingy I got from ASOS, the weirder the jewelery, the more likely you are to find me wearing it.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Love and light xx


  1. i like/want your bag.. Thanks and God bless!

  2. love ur hair do! The top doesn't look mint green to me. It looks bluish. *maybe, i'm color blind* lol. Anyways, u look fab. Daks, u don't know the way you've changed/ inspired my sense of style. Thanks! And u never reply my comment. O di mma!

  3. @Bugo: Lol, you can like to waka far

    @Chets: You have shamed me. I try to reply as many comments as possible but I kinda lose track sometimes. It'll never happen again, hand on heart. Its the light, I thought it was blue too the first time I saw it xx

  4. love the ear/hair accessories, really cute.

  5. I almost ordered one of those ear cuff hair thingies from ASOS. but I had visions of people constantly telling me my "earring" was stuck in my hair -__- I'm loving mint and coral too...

  6. daks i love you!!! big fan!! please could you make a tutorial on how to style that particular hairstyle you have...PLEASE.

  7. That bag!!!!! *faints*

  8. I love your sandals,the colour is enchanting...

  9. @Zainab: Thanks so much

    @Vieve: Haha, nobody said that to me so I'm sure you're safe. Its well worth it.

    @Anon: Trust me, you won't want me to waste an entire post on my hair. Its just regular Indian hair and I put it in rollers at night. Simples

    @Anon 7.21: * resuscitates you* Lol.

    @Anon: Thanks

    @Dami: You are so right, tres enchanting. Lol


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