Monday, March 26, 2012

Triple Denim

I would like to apologise for the dearth of posts on TWP for the past week, I've been in London since last Monday and whenever I go out of town I only take my iPad with me so my internet forays are a little restricted. Plus I actually had very little time to take photos while I was away, was caught up in a lot of stuff.

Yesterday I decided to channel my repressed 90's grunge chick and rock all over denim, but with a twist.

See a while ago I saw a photo of current denim queen Rihanna where she had on a denim bustier, with a denim shirt and denim jeans....therefore creating the little known phenomenon of triple denim. I personally thought she looked amazing despite the fact she needed to get her roots done, so I decided to dig out my forgotten denim pieces and pull a Fenty.

I left out the fanny pack though, God knows things haven't got that bad for me.

Aqua By Aqua Flasher jacket in Tan
Topshop denim shirt
Topshop denim bustier
Topshop denim jeans
Topshop red velvet studded smoking slippers
Dolce & Gabbana aviators

*yeah I do like Topshop quite a bit*

Honestly what was she thinking with this hair, that's what I'd like to know.

I met up with my friend Nwabugo after Mass on Sunday, we were headed to our friend Hilda's for lunch.

Good times.

Love and light xx


  1. loove your outfits....very nice

  2. you killed the look gal! lawv it

  3. Lavv it!!! You look amazeballs!!!

  4. You look even better,i love the outfit!

  5. You pulled it off nicely..
    Bugo Bugo, halloss..

  6. U rocked it way better than Rihanna. Your shoes are definitely to kill for. Love the color.

  7. You look greattt love the inpiration pics!!

  8. Could you please do a post on your skin care regimen (both face and body) because your skin game is on point!

  9. Hello.. I really like this post. Can i use it on my blog for my Style Spotlight? I'll definitely credit you. Pls!

  10. Thanks you guys! So much love *fans self*

    @Anon 12.05: That would be a pretty short post because I don't really have a regimen, but sure I'll do something. Thanks a lot.

    @Femi: yeah sure, you can use it. Be sure to send me a link when its up.

  11. Why were you late getting to Davidoff?

  12. Okay its up. You can check on two days old blogger. lol. Feel free to comment.

  13. lovely outfit esp your shoes...


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