Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Little Bit More

Back home and feeling miles better, I think my body decided to heal itself after I went to the GP and they simply refused to give me any drugs, like flat out refused. The struggle for medicine is bad enough I had to feign being near death before I was even given an appointment, the NHS takes the piss for real, I don't blame them, its because its free, if I were paying for the service I'd drown myself in drugs. Anyhoo I got through it with the help of Lemsip and Vitamin C.

Something else that has been giving me joy lately are the street style photos from Arise, I won't say much here because I intend to do a long, detailed post about it when Fashion Week is over but overall I was really impressed. Way more hits than misses and of course knowing Nigerians when we bomb we bomb spectacularly. The misses were beautiful, simply orgasmic. Sites that have been keeping me well entertained have been Bella Naija, Neks2U, Madam Wokie, Bombchell and 4Aces.

Before I left Londres I met up with my boo Terence of One Nigerian Boy for drinks at Hix, the champagne bar at Selfridges. He proceeded to show off the capabilities of his amazeballs Fujifilm X10 bridge camera, like that camera is amazing. Its looks proper vintage-ey with the embossed plastic covering but has all the capabilities of a DSLR without the bulkiness. You guys can tell I'm a little obsessed with cameras right now and will probably be so until I decide which one to get.

Thanks to everyone who helped me out in the comment section of my last post, I've def taken all the advice into consideration, I got some good tips re the Canon T3i and the Nikon D60 from Cherchez la Curl. Now I spend my days reading internet reviews everyday, I need to make sure I'm 110% sure before I get something I'll eventually regret.

I LOVE this camera, the images are so sharp you can practically read the labels on the wine bottle. Well not really but nothing wrong with a little hyperbole.

Attempting to pout and failing miserably, I'm really not cut out for these coquettish, ingenue moves. I'll leave it to the 5"5 girls with D cups and 45 inch hips and stick to my usual bitch face. Tall girls give awesome bitch face.

Topshop leather motorcycle jacket
Topshop ribbed mini
Gucci scarf
River Island neon loafers

His nose ring is hella cool but my liver does not stretch that far, I once got an eyebrow piercing when I was 19 but took it out before I got home. I tried to imagine rationalizing a pierced eyebrow to my parents and came up with nothing so I decided to just avoid an untimely death and take it out.

Later that night I went to Busaba Eathai to have dinner with Erenma who I haven't seen in yonks. Have I said how much I love Busaba? I think I've mentioned it, maybe a bit. I have a very unadventurous palate and when I find something I like I tend to stick to it, no gastro experiments for me.

Busaba does an excellent chilli prawn fried rice which I have every single time I go there, I've considered kidnapping one of their chefs and holding him ransom till he gives me the recipe. Like, that dish is sublime. If you go there you need to try the Jasmine smoothie too, top notch.

The worst thing about Busaba though are the fact that all the seats are benches with no back support, by the time I'm done eating my spine is begging for Feldene, backaches for days.


Remz is def in my top 5 funniest people I know list. Case in point there was some girl we saw at the table next to us who was flashing an unseemly amount of skin, I pointed her out to Remz and was like "check out that chick with the exposed thighs", Remz takes one look and goes "that's not even an exposed thigh, that's an exposed buttock". May not sound funny here but I fell of my bench with laughter, tears in my eyes etc. I had to be calmed down.

Fun trip but after a while I started panting for home, don't know if its just me but prolonged stays in other people's houses; no matter how luxurious; make me tres uncomfortable, even people who are practically family.

There's truly nothing like being in your own space.

Love and light xx


  1. i agree tall girls give the best 'mean' face...all that whole duckface and pouting don't work...

    and ooo I love Busaba too

    glad you're ok...i've been stuck in bed thanks to the flu as well...benylin is my new crack lol

  2. Maaaaaaa Boo Boo ......looking hawt&segzy Am ur greatest fan........lollllllll
    Dash me ur bag (wink wink)
    I didnt read the post just glanced thru the pics oopzzzzz

  3. i love love love busaba eathai. You should also try wagamama's chicken katsu curry. And yeah, we tall girls do have a mean bitch look.haha

  4. remzyyyy..looking all sexxyy!!! (oh yes, my razzness shines)..
    Busaba for the win!!!

    PS..Daks you look extra cute in that first picture xx

  5. good to know u are getting better,true people at Arise were absolutely stunning. love ur hair

  6. Glad you're feeling better, and still looking great!!

    When you get a chance, stop by my blog and receive the award I am giving you!

  7. Hi I love your pink bag what make is it?

  8. OOOh! i love Busaba!

    Also, i think the benches are a ploy to keep me away, not gonna work... lol

  9. Glad to have been pf assistance :)


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