Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LPM March - The Health & Beauty Edition

The month of February has come and gone with another successful LPM under our belts. Rogue Couture, Tote, Maju and the delectable frozen yoghurt by Sweet Kiwi are just a few brands that graced our stalls.

March promises our loyal shoppers a very well deserved pamper package; The Health & Beauty Edition. Massages, mini manicures, pedicures, make up tutorials and an overwhelming eclectic dose of health & beauty products that will make you sing for joy!

We all know shopping can get a bit hectic, despite our love for beautiful clothes and accessories.
Thus the LPM team have decided to offer you a luxurious shopping experience. If you feel tired from all the shopping, let our on-site masseuse loosen some of those stubborn knots and make your shopping experience stress-free. Do you love the smoky eye look but end up looking like you’ve been in a boxing match? (Don’t worry, this happens to the very best of us)-well, have no fear, our professional make-up artist will give tutorials on whatever make up questions you may have.

It’s always a plus to look good but it’s more important to feel good first. The LPM March Health & Beauty Edition is the best thing you can do to your body this month. Bring your friends, mothers & girlfriends along for what we promise to be the ultimate shopping experience.


1) What's one beauty item you can't live without?

My "MINTY SHEA HAIR BUTTER" in the OurS by Juliada range. It has saved my life time and time again. My hair stays manageably soft and beautifully conditioned with this baby.

2) What's the last beauty item you purchased?

That would be Mascara from "BLUSH" cosmetics at 1388 Tiamiyu Savage. I find Mascara frames my eyes in a very pretty, feminine way. Had to get me some once I ran out!

3) Are you a lipstick lover or a lip gloss girl?

It's tough to say really...I like neutral lip gloss to complete a simple look, but there is nothing quite like a lipstick to bring that fire to a look...don't you think?

4) What's your daily make-up routine?

I genuinely try to keep my skin free from make up to avoid clogging up my pores. However we owe it to ourselves to look good at all times:

1) apply a little mineral powder foundation (gives my face a smooth appearance)

2) follow up with an eyeliner. I use a metallic champagne coloured pencil on my lower lids for days when i want a "fresh faced"' look. It brightens up my eyes. A dark gel liner for night and drama filled days! lol

3) I finish up by framing my upper lashes in black mascara. perhaps a dash of blush on the apple of my cheeks and that's it! ( Lip gloss could finish this off nicely, or just a good balm!)

5) What are the best hair products for women with natural hair?

I could go on FOREVER with this question!

ok you want to stay away from sulphate shampoos. They will dry out your hair and Moisture is your best friend as a Natural.

Try using the "HYDRATE" Organic Shampoo from OurS by Juliada for a thorough yet gentle cleanse.

A suitable Deep conditioner is also very important. I tend to use the natural "HAIR SMOOTHIE" again from the OurS by Juliada range. Other fantastic brands exist like *Kinky Curly, Giovanni, Mixed Chicks, Aubrey
Organics. When it comes to serious hair care, its about seeing what works FOR YOU. No two heads of Hair are exactly the same!!

My PERSONAL life saver however is the MINTY SHEA HAIR BUTTER from OurS by Juliada. Can't live without it.  Get it.



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