Sunday, July 3, 2011

Date Night

So in my last post I mentioned that I was going to be posting a guest blog from the mystery male voice of Third World Profashional. In a surprising twist my darling male contributor has written a post which compliments, me unlike his previous Daks bashing posts which included gems such as "What A Guy Wants Pt 2" and "Pigs Have Feelings Too".

The post he wrote below is based on a similar post by Madphury called "Tall Glass Of Water"

She: I'm wearing my new six inch heels tonight…

Him: uh-huh

She: I feel like knocking ‘em dead tonight

Him: mmhmm

She: Are you even listening to me?

Him: Yes I am

She: No you’re not!

Him: Sigh

She: You’re just mad because I’m going to be taller than you tonight.

He walks out of the closet, leans against the doorjamb and crosses his hands across his chest

Him: You know I don’t mind when you’re taller than me. I bought you those heels remember?

She: Oh. Yeah.

Him: Hard to have a conversation when you’re in your closet and I'm in mine.

She: Whatever

He turns around and walks back in the closet, and he misses the entrance she makes.

She has on a short number tonight.




Showing yards of leg that end in $2,000 louboutins.

Her feet look like they’re on fire.

She: Where did you go?

Him: I’m getting dressed

She: Well im ready

Him: Good for you

She: come Look at my outfit!!

Him: I will. When im dressed.

She: You suck.

Him: ….

She: You’d better pay more attention to me at the party.

Him: I have no intention of paying any attention to you.

She: So you’re just going to stand next to me and ignore me?

Him: I'm not going to be next to you

She: WHAT?! I knew it! You DO hate it when im taller than you!

He walks out again. Stops in the doorway.

He starts at her feet and boldly rakes his eyes all over her body. There’s a gleam in his eyes…

Her mouth goes dry. She knows that look.

Him: You know how guys like to park their Ferraris in the middle of the parking lot so people can gawk at them in amazement?

She: Yeah. I guess.

He steps towards her

Him: and you know that every man…every woman…everybody is going to be staring at you at that party right?

She swallows…WHY is he coming closer?

She: Maybe

Him: No maybes. That dress, those shoes. Your hair.

Her hand goes up to touch her hair

She: But I haven’t brus…

Him: No. leave it. You look like an amazon.

He stops in front of her.

Him: You want to know the best part?

She nods.

Him: They’ll all be staring at you, warrior goddess that you are

They will want you.

They will try to get you

I won’t say a word.

I won’t even try to stop them.

Because like that Ferrari, you are MINE

And I will be the only one in that room that knows you’re going home with me.

She’s looking in his eyes now. She can’t look away.

Him: Is that new lipstick too?

She: Uh-uh

Him: MAC?

She nods.

Him: Well you’re gonna need another coat…I’m about to spoil this one.

I think tall women are more confident than their shorter versions.

Does it come from looking down on most people daily?

I dunno.

My guess is that experience taught them quite a bit.

Imagine the tall gangly teenager…

Probably got mocked in high school…

Ignored by intimidated boys who hadn’t hit their growth spurts yet.

I imagine a layer of thick skin stretching to cover that frame.

Then the hormones kick in.

hips. breasts. A nicely filled figure.

And then what was once gawky awkwardness turns into a brazen disregard for modesty and humility.

The fearless warrior princess who doesn’t know fear.

Imagine the college/university experience.

Maybe those high-school boys she grew up with can keep up. But they probably can’t.

So it’s the older men who notice, who are tall enough, manly enough, brave enough to catch her eye and keep her interest.

She suddenly realizes her power, her beauty and laughs with glee.

Yet there are still fools that look upon such a goddess and complain bitterly because she is beyond their grasp. Comprehension. Arm’s reach.




  1. i love this post. i think height does indeed add to a woman's confidence level. there's something about walking into a room and owning it..not all of us are born with modelesque proportions but we fake it with 5" heels lol....brings me to the guys sheeesh i need a man at least 6' tall i just cant rock with a man who is insecure about his height.

  2. :D love this post, all 5'11 inches of me

  3. hahaha! that was a funny "he said, she said"! I liked his plan to 'ruin' her coat before they left. scintillating! and yes to self-acceptance!

  4. LOVE THIS. SO TRUE. I'M 6ft and its great! :)

  5. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am in love with this guy(the writer).
    what i would give to have a man appreciate my height, they are all so intimidated. i am 6ft 2 inches and i love my heels.

  6. Awesome!!
    Love being Tall!

  7. This is exactly why i live in heels and red lipstick!!!!!

  8. its not just about being tall even short women feel confident and extra sexy in 6inch heels, Its in the shoes...

  9. Sir, I'm goin' need you and Ms. TWP to stop being so daggone cute. Loved this!!

  10. As a 6"1 warrior goddess myself you know I love this post ;-)
    Tall chicks rock!

  11. I love this!! It was captivating! I'm going to post it to one of my girlfriends- She'll love it :D

    PS. I've changed my blog url! I decided to keep the blog on Blogger after all. Check out the link: Sorry for the inconvenience X_x

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

  12. This is sooooo adorable!
    It reminds me of what my boyfriend and I always do. Our logic n behavior when we go out.
    Plz I need to follow this guy even though this seems to bie his only post like this.

  13. I will have to say i'm glad to have found dis blog. I read this article and o myyyyyy

  14. I am in good company with other commentators, 6ft and proud, but no more! I really hated it and this post brings back exactly how I felt then, why I felt that way and how beautiful I feel now and why. I loved it so much!

  15. As a 5ft10 chick who's always asked why do you always wear heels? Umm, because Naomi Campbell aint got shit on me! I loves this! Tall women are the shizznit!

  16. OMG, this post is amazing, I can so identify with it. At 5'11, i still wear my heels as high as possible, the last time I went out, a guy actually came up to me and said, his friend wanted to chat me up but im too tall *eyes rolling*, like seriously, a real man should not be intimidated by a womens height, thats why I love my hubby :-)

  17. Hmmmmm love this! Although I'm not tall :D I appreciate this post.
    Who's this man?!

  18. I can totally identify with this post as I am 6 feet (my husband keeps saying I'm 5"11..I don't know where he gets that
    It was the tall older men who got my attention most of the time especially because they were the brave manly ones who could step up to me.I loooove the feeling of walking into a room, commanding its attention and towering over everyone..wink wink!
    There's something juicily mysterious about this man blogger of yours, he knows how to pull chords with his words.

  19. Love the post, but can't get past how incredibly gay the guy is. would have been able to look beyond him buying shoes for her,sme guys do buy shoes for their gfs, but 2 be able to discern wat brand of lipstick she is using. hmmm


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