Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sophia Grace Brownlee meets Nicki Minaj on The Ellen Show

By now you guys already know I'm obsessed with this child and she just turned the cuteness factor all the way up with this video.

Mere days after her Sophia's video went viral, she and her little hypegirl were flown out to Los Angeles to perform on The Ellen Show and she got to meet her idol, Nicki Minaj. Her excitement was so palpable, I swear I shed a few tears (well I'm a champion waterworks so that doesn't really count).

Anyhoo, watch it sha. Her screams are too cute!

The video of the girls performing Super Bass with Nicki

Go Essex girls!

I was pleasantly surprised that Nicki Minaj could actually sing, I thought Ester Dean did the singing bit on Super Bass since she wrote it.

I need this child's dna in my womb.

 Love and light xx


  1. She got me tearing up....she was so confident while singing n her buzz is just divine....she's def her xxxx

  2. yea Esther dean actually did the singing too.
    I cried too.. soo sweet, shopping spree?? chai!! what I would soo do for 1 right now

  3. Hahahahahahaha! What's wrong with you!!!! Re: "I need this child's dna in my womb." You are too funny!

    The little girl is super cute for real though. I love her excitement. Bless.

  4. That's a dollop of awesome cuteness.


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