Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thrifting......An Unsuccessful Attempt

The other day I attempted to go thrift store shopping. I think I'm a weird fashion lover in the sense that I'm not a fan of vintage clothes. I prefer my things spanking new and bang on trend. A lot of people werk vintage like they were born to do it but I think it doesn't suit me at all. I think I have more of a 90's body, tall, skinny, opposed to the voluptousness of the 40's or 50's. Girls who looked like me probably started becoming fashionable around the 70's or so, maybe that's why that's the only decade in fashion I identify with. The 70's rocked.

However I decided to go against my better judgement and do a little vintage shopping. Decided to pay homage to the 90's by rocking double denim, the opulent fur coats of the 80's, the stick straight bangs of the 70's, the winged eyeliner and red lippy of the 60's and the delicious consumerism of all the decades rolled into one.

Shaggy faux fur coat: Miss Selfridges
Denim shirt: Zara
Jeans: Topshop
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Leopard print flats: Dorothy Perkins
Watch: DKNY
Bracelets: Random

So I headed to a store called Take 2 with my friend Nike, another QC girl who recently moved to Abz. The only thing I usually buy from these stores are books, seeing as they're usually 2.50 and below.


As usual, the merchandise me, highly unwearable. I just don't get it. I've seen a few blogs where they get some great vintage finds like Shally of ForStyleSake or Karla of Karlas Closet, but its not because everyone's doing it that I'll now chook head and say make I follow dey go.

What in the flippin hell is this mess?

In the end the only thing I got was this jewelery tree....

To add to the rest of my very small, but ever growing jewelery tree collection.

After that fruitless journey we went into one of the many cemeteries around Aberdeen to chill for a while. My city is very different in the sense that cemeteries are leisure spots, like people come here and have picnics and play games and sunbathe on the grass near headstones and generally just chill out.

I love coming here because I enjoy reading the markings on the gravestones, a lot of them date back to the 17th century and many were very prominent Aberdonian citizens and I like reading about their lives and who they left behind and all that.

Not morbid or macabre in the least.

On the other hand, such a place in Nigeria won't be near any residential dwellings at all. I've never even seen a cemetery in Nigeria before, only place in Africa I'd ever seen a cemetery was in Porto Novo, and it was near a fishing port. Really weird place to bury people but nobody seemed to mind.

As I told Nike, people die angry in Nigeria that's why their spirits don't rest in peace and they're constantly roaming around disturbing the living. If I ever saw a cemetery in Nigeria I'd give it a very wide berth but here oyibo ghosts don't scare me, I'm pretty sure they're very harmless. 

Awon Casper and co? Couldn't say boo to a goose. But when you have Willie Willie and Madam Koi Koi on the loose, who born you to go and say you're hanging out in a cemetery.

Therefore white cemeteries, yay! Nigerian ones, hell no!

See, peace and tranquility

Love and light xx



  1. "What in the flippin hell is this mess?" lmao Adakuuuu, you have to try again, I get bad days too...We sould try again together soon.
    The first picture is too fab...Hello Nikeeee

  2. Aduku Abimbola Ufere ur tragedy FAN can I haf an autograph

  3. lmao!!! and so true about how serene the cemetery looks.

  4. LMHO @ "what da flipping hell is this mess". lol!
    Vintage is defo not for everyone. I however love it! Not just n e ol' one o...the correct ones are hard to find sha. Karla of Karla's closet has some maaaad vintage finds! I will so take a trip to LA just to shop where she shops. The best vintage experience i had was in Miami....i got some really nice stuff and also ebay is on point! I gotta go to SOHO one of these days to see whats popping there.

    That red dress with the lacy bib is hot o! I would've nabbed it. And the silk print skirt.

  5. lmao, ur hilarious, why didn't u pick d dress w/d lace bib? u cud've killed it. My dear Vintage finds aren't always successful, you have to try, try and try again. Even though I do agree its hardly for everyone. I just love the unexpected things u can find. My cousin just found an authentic chanel bag for friggin $20.....And u QC girls are everywhere aren't you?

    love Zena

  6. I thought the red dress with a white bib was antique-ly cute especially on the right figure.

    Your ramble about the English man's attitude to cemeteries got me laughing. My college accommodation is right next to a cemetery and it was a most serene place.

  7. Hahahahahahahaha! @ Therefore white cemeteries, yay! Nigerian ones, hell no!

    So funny, but sadly, so true. ROTFL!

  8. Your posts are always entertaining, lol! love your outfit too + the orange dress with the bib looks to die for! at least in the photo.

  9. great blog... find myself loving reading your daily fashion didn't know u and nike are friends but then what do i know?..well my love to her!

  10. There's a cemetary right in the middle of Yaba, not too far away from QC actually

  11. @Shally, you know you're the pro. I need to come to Edinburgh for instruction

    @Mollie, smh, you're finished, ewu Delta. Lol.

    @Anon, you're lucky then, I've never had a good vintage experience. Everywhere I've been its more like bend down select than anything else.

    @Onyinye, thanks my love xx

    @Anon, this red dress seems very popular with you guys, I just don't get the appeal. Maybe my taste is too unrefined for it sha. I'll leave the vintage wearing to the enthusiasts

    @Ginger, and the red dress comes up again, it was pretty cheap, like 4 pounds or so. Since y'all like it so much maybe I should have bought it and given it out on the blog or something. On the cemeteries bit, you get me though. Oyibo cemeteries rule!

    @MsBuki, damn right! Lol

    @Dressed, thank you so much. My eyesight is probably wonky, I don't see anything good about that dress

    @Ayodeju, merci ma cherie. Yup Nike's my homegirl from way back

    @Anon, for real? never saw it, thank God.

  12. Just from the pics my eyes caught some pieces....I think you just have to be patient and slowly go through the items. The bags on top of the orange dress...They look classy and sturdy. I love structured bags.

  13. *pardon my lengthy post, its a couch-bound saturday*

    I'm becoming a fan of ur blog, u've got an interesting personality, strikingly real n dats rare in girls dese days..... onto oda matters, I might b crucified but honeyyy dat white fur coat keep it n never bring it out again... my fave pic was wen u took off d coat evrything else become an instant 10, it became elegant... I dont know something bout it just didnt work...maybe d flyin hair versus flying fur, just maybe...

    Onto vintage shopping- forget all dese things bout evryone buying vintage...d first thing i'd suggest if u decide u want to buy is learn how to identify vintage stuff, ask d seller all d questions u can come up wit- d designer/manufacturer, where it was made, year, d materials n if u're me u might b intrested in the construction techniques (but dat na long thing)...cos these are some things dat set apart designs of the old n wat we have now... I say dese cos dere are waaaay too many stores flogging garrage dumped items as vintage, no wonder why u see a lot of pple walking around luking like well...dumps. Gud thing u've decided what u like, wen i decide to buy vintage its strictly jewellery n I know my stuff n vendors, so if u want d gud stuff, do ur homework...

    Lol @ ur cemetry analysis, my Dad's burried @ home in Nig n its soo maybe its not all bad, but posing in d cemetry still lukd creepy sista... Keep filling us in...xoxo!

  14. With thtifting you have to have the eye to spot a buy. Like the striped blue and black skirt I see in one of your pics. I would have bought it and shortened it either to a midi or a mini flared skirt.

    Next to the orange dress I spot a black and white printed dress. It has an interesting pattern and potential.

    Thrifting is also sth that you do regularly not just once and fashi. It's not impulse shopping and I guess that's why does of us who love it love it. It takes commitment and having an eye to spot a good item.

  15. Daks, Biko wat camera do you use? Stay sweet (love & Light xx...HAHA!)


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