Thursday, October 6, 2011


I can attempt to feel among and gush about Fall fashion and the nippy nights and all that good stuff when the truth is I really can't identify because its Fall all year round here on the banks of the North Sea. We probably had like 10 days of summer in the entire year, the rest of the time we're pretty much bundled up 24/7. So there's never anything like transitioning from Summer fashion to Fall's. No difference between the two where I'm from.

Only thing that tells us that "winter is coming" *in the voice of a Stark of Winterfell* is when the trees begin to shed and the leaves turn that lovely amber and rust colour.

Wore this on my first day of school for the Fall term.

Belted cape: H&M
Denim tights: American Apparel
Boots: Office
Bag: Mulberry
Woven bangle: Topshop
Watch: Gucci

My newest baby, the Mulberry "Daria" hobo in velvet Ostrich print.....miaaoowww.

One of my Bicester Village "finds". That place is tres awesome, things weren't as heavily discounted as I was anticipating but I managed to get a few good deals.

I could just lick it

Psyching myself up for a long day ahead in the library, would you believe I have just 4 months left? Like play, like play, this LLM is almost in the bag sha.

Thank God.

Love and light xx


  1. Autumn you mean? UK doesn't do Fall.

    Lovely bag.

  2. You look great as usual, *Now running to H&M to get that cape*

  3. @Anon, lol, yes ma. I can call it whatever I want to though, ok.

    @Stels, H&M has the best knits this season, awesome stuff.

  4. this hair does wonders for the whole look, so stylish, so classy. and you thrifted that bag? wow...the thrift store near my house only carries junk, it's sad.

    and I see you're on that game of thrones tip, yay!! that show is amazzzing! :)

  5. @Anya, lol, no o! The bag wasn't thrifted. I got it at Bicester Village, its an outlet mall outside London. Sort of like Woodbury Common in New Jersey. Thanks babe. I'm useless at thrifting, I always get crap.

  6. Oh, my bad! I for say, the bag was too fine to be thrift quality! LOL :p

  7. Lovely outfit as usual! dont expect less anyways lol! Bicester is one my fav place to score bargains in the UK, and they have like the best brands, great place.

  8. Cute outfit..Loving the Mulberry bag.(nice combo of colours).

  9. adorable :)


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