Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Putting My Game Face On

For quite a while I've been getting requests to do a post on the make-up I use, for those that asked I'm really sorry I'm just getting round to it now.

So this is a picture of my make-up "table'. I like to have everything out where I can see them instead of constantly rifling through a make-up bag. These are the ones that could fit on top of my dresser, theres no Mac store where I live so I usually buy make-up in bulk and just store it till I need it so I have a few unopened ones out here but the rest are stashed somewhere in my closet.

My make-up regime is pretty straightforward, my prepping only involves soap and water. That is, I don't use any toners, cleansers, facial washes, scrubs, night cream, day cream or whatever it is most girls used. I discovered with my face the simple approach works best, because when I used to be a facial product junkie my skin was a mess. I broke out literally by the second, but once I stopped and stuck to simply soap and water my complexion improved dramatically.


You will wonder, and rightly so, what a cure for indigestion is doing here, but believe me this is the greatest beauty secret I've discovered in recent years. In the search for a decent primer, I went through Mary Kay, Mac and supposedly the best, Smashbox. As usual the oil on my face came out tops, I carried blotters everywhere I went, my t-zone was ridiculous. One day I was talking to my friend Stella of Stella's Addiction and because I go to her for all things make-up related I asked about the best primer to use and she said I should go get Milk of Magnesia. Obviously I thought she had lost it, she insisted, I complied and I've never regretted it. This thing works like magic. I put it on after moisturizing, allow it to dry, this literally takes seconds, then I put on my foundation and the rest of my face. Voila, long lasting make-up. Since I started using Milk of Mag, I hardly ever have to touch up and I never carry blotting paper anymore. This ish right here works like a charm.


This is another win from the advice round table of Stella's Addiction. Before I started using MUFE I used Mary Kay foundation and it was hella greasy, I tried Mac liquid foundation for a while, didn't work either. Then Stella told me to get MUFE, absolutely brilliant. Possibly the "matte'est" foundation I've ever used. It dries really quickly so you have to apply it very fast, other than that its an awesome buy.


I've always been a Mac girl, the very first compact I ever used when I was 19 was Mac and I've stuck to it ever since. I really can't compare my powder to any others because I've never used any other compacts besides Mac but it works for me so I guess that's the only testimonial I can give. I have no complaints.



Its self propelling, you don't need to sharpen and provides awesome definition. A+ all round as a brow brush.


Now I learned this bit from my friend Nkem who writes Kemberly's Ramblings. I simply apply a little concealer with the angled brush to define my brow arches. Its especially necessary when I haven't threaded my brows in a while to cover up stray hairs.


As the name implies. I like this colour because its not too pink or red, it provides a kind of "bronzey reddish" kind of colour that's really great for dark skin. Keeps you from going all Bozo on people.

This photo is not very good but I will try and explain what it does. I don't contour all the time, actually on rare occassions and when I contour I don't use blush. I think they can be used together but it makes my face look very busy and I don't like that. So the contour kit is a highlighter and pressed powder kit and you use it to sculpt and define your features. The darker powder is used to create shadows on your face like defining your jawline or contouring your cheekbones and the lighter powder is the highlighter. I use that to reflect light off my face, like on the bridge of my nose or my temples. Contouring can give you an overly made up look so you have to keep your application light.


No jokes, the only mascara I've ever used. I'm not a big mascara person and this is the first one I ever used and I've stuck to it. If it aint broke why fix it. 



Ruby Woo for the 40's siren red, Touch for supermodel nude and Lickable for Barbie pink. These are my go to lip colours, I don't think I use anything else except these three and because I don't like matte lips I use lipglass over them.

There you have it, my every day make-up tableau, well not exactly every day because I don't use foundation, blush, contour powder, mascara and lipstick all the time. Usually powder, eyebrow pencil and vaseline are what I use to face the world on a daily. The rest are for when I feel like making a bit of an effort. Apart from these, for eyeshadows I use a melange of Mac and L'Oreal eyeshadows and Sleek colour palettes.

Hope this was helpful.

Love and light xx



  1. One day, I'll learn to apply makeup.Interesting tip on the milk of magnesia.

  2. thanks! what eyeliner of gel/liner do you use?
    P.s. How do u blend the concealer out so that you dont have that highlight thing over your eyebrows?
    PPS. milk of magnesia did not work for me...maybe i put too much.. i used a cotton pad and after a while i was WHITE and streaky :(
    Sorry this is long...LOL

  3. How i love TWP. She now hit the last nail on coffin by adding makeup. Gosh I'm a makeup lover. That stud brown pencil is the business. I don't have an angle brush. I need ta get one. Love studio fix concealer. Love sleek. Udeona gave me sleek 2 summers back and I've been married to it. Wish they sold it in the states.

  4. @Taynement. Its easy trust, I was a late bloomer. Didn't start properly till i was almost 20.

    @Anon 8.57 I use Barry M liquid liner in black for lids and Mac eyepencil in Smolder. With the concealer I don't put that much so I blend it into my face an use a brush and brush loose powder over it to set it.I use my fingers for the Milk of Mag though and I don't put a lot so you can barely see it, only a few white patches and foundation covers that.

    @Onyx, my boo! Lol. They don't sell Sleek in the US? weird. You can probably order online or something, their palettes are the business.

  5. Nwanne, my first comment ever on your blog and had to be a makeup post. Shame on me!!!!
    I am off to buy milk of magnesia sharp sharp!!!

    *i bet you cant guess who this!!!*

  6. U know say US too dey carry last. They will not carry Sleek only black opal and all those greasy shit in the drug stores.
    Each time i get my order from the UK it's always messed up.
    Try the MAC lipstick in Fresh Brew(LUSTRE) great on women of color.

  7. wow! milk of magnesia??? am definitely passing on this tip to friends of mine. Thanks for sharing

  8. Before i even finish reading this post, ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT THIS MILK Of MAGNESIA? i am definitely trying it, my biggest make up issue is oily skin.

  9. Before i even finish reading this post, ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT THIS MILK Of MAGNESIA? i am definitely trying it, my biggest make up issue is oily skin.

  10. Milk of Magnesia really is the best primer. I swear by it.
    I need to get me some MAC lippies.
    Love your make up collection.

  11. Babe... I'm coming for lessons when you come home ah!

    Please I really need to understand how milk of magnesia works :( . I have oily skin too


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