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Remember when I was saying Instagram was overrated? Well I changed my mind, its actually quite interesting, recently I've really been getting into it. I love taking pictures but I'm not necessarily interested in the artistic side of photography. My images are more of the "what am I wearing" and "what am I doing" variety, I'll leave the proper pictures to the professionals.

However with instagram, everyone's a pro. I've not really had the time to take a lot of pictures using it, mainly because I don't have an iPhone so my instagram app is on my iPad, and its a bit of a headache lugging it around to take photos when I have my trusty little Nikon with me instead. I really have to though because there are so many beautiful things in the city I live in that are begging to be captured, I actually live right in a historic neighbourhood, so much history and stuff around me that needs to be photo filtered.

These are the few I've been able to take though, will make more of an effort to take some more. Oh yeah I'm also on Webstagram, which is like twitter for instagram, rather instead of 140 characters its just pictures..that you can also comment on. Hit me up if you're on Webstagram lets share photos, my ID is "aufere".

The Girl With The Butterfly Tattoo

Six years after I got it, I still love my butterfly tattoo. When I decided to get it, I was going through a sort of change, not any major upheavals mind, but the tectonic plates of my life were slowly shifting around and I was at a loss for a while. The butterfly sort of encapsulated how I felt at that particular time; rebirth, freedom, change...and all that good stuff. I've really been thinking of getting a second one, in writing this time. My mum was cool with this tattoo, not sure how she'll take a second marking.

A la James Herriot

The Scottish countryside reminds me of a James Herriott novel, all rolling fields, farmhouses, sylvan landscapes, gruff men in tweed caps etcetera etcetera etcetera *in the voice of Yul Brynner aka the King of Siam*.  These pictures were taken through the window of a moving train which is probably why they are a bit blurry but I think I managed to capture the images as they are.

The first time I left the city and was going through the country I kept tweeting about how beautiful the Highlands are; glens, waterfalls, lakes, hills....its really a visual smorgasbord, even if you're not into that kind of stuff. What I found reeeaaally funny was that the animals, like the sheep and cows and stuff look exactly like they do in books, all fluffy and spotted. As opposed to Nigerian sheep and cows which look nothing like they do in The Enchanted Forest or The Faraway Tree. If you grew up on a steady diet of Enid Blyton books like I did, I'm sure you'll identify with a lot of my fantasies, I remember asking my mother if we could go to the country so I could find a fairy circle and she said we go to the country every Christmas, that in Nigeria our country is Arondizuogu. I couldn't believe it. I also remember how excited I was going to boarding school for the first time thinking it would be all Mallory Towers like with midnight feasts and gingerbeer and Mamzelles...well QC got that notion out of my mind sharply.

My biggest delusion however was when I was 9 years old and in Primary 5 at Grange School and I was so immersed in this world that Enid Blyton had created that I was determined to meet her. At the time I was House Captain of Donga House as well as unofficial Library Prefect, since no-one liked books as much as I did and was willing to take up Library Prefect duties so I did them unofficially with my House Captain duties. Anyhoo I wrote a letter to Enid Blyton via her publishers address and had my mother courier it for me asking if she could come to my school and give a talk. There was no doubt in my young mind that she wouldn't do it, not a single doubt, I was very confident in my ability to bend the universe to my will. So I put my school address and Head Teacher's name as the return address. A few weeks later I was jejely in class when I got a message to come to the Head Teacher's office, I was sooo excited, thinking my dream was about to come true.

I got there and the first thing she did was to tell me to sit down and then asked if I wrote a letter to any author's recently. Confidently I was like that I did, that I wanted it to be a surprise. She now said she just got a letter from The Enid Blyton Foundation and they are really sorry but she couldn't make it. I was like how come, was she sick or something, the Head Teacher now said she wasn't sick but that Enid Blyton had died in 1968.

I swear I felt like I had been slapped, it was the single greatest disappointment of my young life. I'd read all her books cover to cover and nowhere did they it say she was dead. Thank God for the kind of school I was in because they understood my emotional state at the time, I was actually allowed to go home and recuperate for a few days from the shock of it all.

Thinking about it now, my audacity overwhelms me.

Bobby Good Life & TWP

With my cousin Bob, taken on my recent trip to Glasgow.

Mac Attack

My make-up table or rather dresser because everything's piled on top of my chest of drawers.

These are just a few of the ones I've been taking. My favourite instagram ID is Refinery29, they take the best pictures, being trying to imitate the style, no such luck. Remember if you're also on Webstagram send me your ID so I can follow you, I'm really interested in seeing what people can do with their filters.

Love and light xx


  1. Could u do post on your make up?i like to know which brand people use and meaby try them....kiss

  2. www.travelhousetz.blogspot.com

    i love ur butterfly tattoo

  3. Instagram ID is 'ifeoluwa'. I don't have anything super fancy on there but it definitely made my pictures more art-sy. Oh, my favorite filter is Hefe :)

  4. This post just made my day. I was so hooked on Enid's books too. You need to do some lengtthhyy post on the makeup products you use.

  5. Pls can u tell me how u use milk of magnesia as a primer! As in how do u apply it!

  6. Lol! I think I've finally met someone worse than I was. I would spend hours in our garden still as a statue waiting for the fairies to come out and play, my sister and I spent half our playtime looking for four leaf clovers! My ultimate dream was to visit the faraway tree. I still want to own a school modeled after Mallory towers

  7. hi pls is this a weave or wig? its so well done, u luk great. its so rare 2 get bangs well done. where can i get it in d UK? i'm in Scotland as well

  8. @Anon It's a weave but I got it done in London not Scotland, I have no idea where to get good weave's done where I live so I stick to the stylist I'm used to. She's called Janet at Angels Salon, 123 Burnt Oak Broadway, Burnt Oak.

  9. i like your pictures!!! is that bobby nwangwu?


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