Friday, October 7, 2011


Last night, the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain had an Autumn Social at the College Bar in Aberdeen, the real draw however were the free drinks and buffet. My fellow Energy students and I girded our loins and headed there to network and more importantly score some awoof.

As a student you attend about a hundred networking events, job fairs etc until it just becomes routine, I didn't have any high hopes of coming out with the job of my dreams though but it was an interesting night.

Aberdeen however decided to show me what's what when the temperature went down to a freezing 4 early October. Knowing me I'm never dressed weather appropriate and I was completely blindsided by the cold. My feet actually went numb, it was insane.

Trying to channel a stylish yet serious Energy Lawyer, oh boy cold wan use me fry akara. My friend Yosola and I lost all feeling that night.

Cape: H&M
Houndstooth Jacket: H%M
High waist flared tailored pants: Topshop (seriously I don't know what I'd have done without Topshop pants, they've saved me from walking around with trousers that fear ground. A tall girls Mecca for real)
Bag: Calvin Klein

My fellow jobseekers and I full ground. We didn't do much networking though, just drinking and throwing shade at people.

Hoping my Peach Bellini would fortify me against what I was going to face outside, no such luck.

Trust I'll be at the next one with bells on, free things are never to be sniffed at. Only wearing a down filled parka this time.

Love and light xx



  1. I absolutely love the H&M jacket! U wear lots of knockout ensembles but this here is my fav! Loooove!

  2. I love the way u use worrrrds! lol @ pants wey fear ground.

    Seriously, keep blogging more often! Loving it...and loving ur outfit!

  3. you look very pretty! and I love the make-up!

  4. Adaku pleaseeeeeee the lipstick shade. Your jacket is banging

  5. Lipstick shade pleaseeeeee

  6. where is ur necklace from pls? its really nice

  7. Oh that jacket!! Went to H and M a few days back and saw it looking at me. I think after seeing how good it looks on you, me and the jacket have to get married!


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