Monday, October 17, 2011

Beyonce - Love On Top

Attention members of the Beyhive and Bey stans everywhere my big sister has blessed us with another beautiful visual experience.

I'm tired of saying such and such song is one of my favourite songs from 4, truly every song on that album is on point. I totally listen without skipping, very few albums can make me do that. Love on Top is soooo beautiful, especially with the way she switches octaves, four modulations in one song, how many artistes can do that?

King Bey can, that's who.

She's totally channeling New Editions "If It Isn't Love" video and as usual she kills it. This woman may internally combust from too much praise one day.

I've tried to keep myself from commenting on the disgusting accusations flying around about how Beyonce isn't pregnant, shame on all of you naysayers, come February when little Brooklyn Knowles-Carter (I feel it in my fingers and toes that she's having a girl) is born, you will all have egg on your faces. When Beyonce wasn't pregnant every single day there was a rumour that she was and now she is people are saying she isn't.


Anyhoo, revel in the perfection that is my Creole asamkpokoto from Texas

Love and light xx


  1. Keep stanning daks. Love it. The video is legit. Yes she is having a girl. I can't wait for Wendy Williams to have an egg on her face come february. She pregnant and muthafuckers will deal.

  2. Wendy Williams should be ashamed of her stiff face! I'm not a "bey stan" or whatever but its ridiculous to say she isn't pregnant (even after we saw her in a bathing suit) oh well...Bey will always generate controversy! BTW, this is my best song on her album x

  3. she doesn't look pregnant in this video it new?

  4. @Anon
    It was shot before she got pregnant. Just few clips with the bum

  5. See Wendy Williams talking about fake, with all that styrofoam in her face... Oh well!

  6. Na wa oh .....
    Beyond say
    Be it say
    Adaku Biko park well am bored of this beyonce of a geh ! NEXT
    yawnin oh gash
    Love & light (lmfao)

  7. Oya beyonce fans attack . Lmfao


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