Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rihanna - We Found Love

Awesome, awesome video!! I love me some Rihanna and she always delivers, always.

This video is definitely about her relationship with Chris Brown, no one can tell me any different.


Rihanna on WhoSay

Love and light xx


  1. LOL @ the albino looking "Chris Brown"
    And yeah u are totally right; she's not trying to be anyone's role model

  2. yea this is totally her and Breezy lol I loved the video tho!

  3. Neither d video nor song r my cup of tea...while de coulda told d same story wit less sexualisatn, d issue of Riri as role model baffles me...she clearly cant be bothered, n personally I find parents who accuse her of being a bad role model to be just plain silly- she's 23 witout a kid, why should she care wat U let ur kids get exposed to...PARENT UP biko!

  4. She should care about being a role model because its part of her job, agree with it or not. Its the same parents shes complaining about who have helped make her a multi millionaire. She accepted the money and the fame that came with it so she should accept this too. I'm not a fan of hers obviously and this video sucks big fat hairy balls...with leprosy. thanks for posting me.

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  6. I'm very glad u said it urself wen u mentioned dat
    '...Its the same parents shes complaining about who have helped make her a multi millionaire....'

    The parents have a choice not to 'help' make her a multi-millionaire by refusing to either directly or thru their children support her empire. Its their job to care bout their kids, as it is hers to care bout her bank balance..shikena!

    I could throw up several instances such as a mum recently complaining bout Riri's S&M song n vid, while watching it with her 13yr old daughter; n it goes on n on, but d endpoint remains dat for the most part, children are more likely to do wat their parents do or approve of dan anything else...Celebrities are 'role players' not 'role models' and it falls on parents to seperate reality from fiction for their children. Nuff said, have a luvly wknd...Ciao!

  7. thirdworld profashional. hi there. saw ur pix on sunday 0ct 23 THISDAY style magazine under the hair frenzy section. while the pix was picked from ur blog, the name got me confused. plz oh isnt ur name Adaku? why was d name ifeoma given u? just saying sha before ihe onye ozo anworo nke mmadu (before ur stuff becomes another). anyway just saying.

  8. hmmmmm, don't recording artists have 'morality clauses' in their contracts? I absolutely agree the buck stops with parents but realistically how easy could it possibly for parents to shut out a major global brand like Rihana from their child? Nigh on impossible.

    The argument your making is that she has no responsibility not to be a good role model? If so this would be odd because when she appeared on Barbara Walters to further her career or as she put it ;be a role model' she was aware she was a role model then, so when did she stop being a role model? Was it before or after she had all the publicity she wanted? The problem with these young women is they want it both ways, they need to be honest with themselves and the little girls that look up to them.
    For instance earlier on you had a post on two little girls who adored Nikky Minage, she enjoyed being looked up to in that instance but later she'll try and argue shes not a role model. Its hypocritical.

  9. Jus reading through n tot to add- With celebs-actors/singers, etc...'Morality Clauses' r generally for the benefit of their investors, not the public. Its so dat d investors who finance the production of any of their works dont lose any money invested on em, so de make em agree to adhere to some behavioural code esp for high risk acts... read bout it well.


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