Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Independence....and stuff

Finally hopped on the Instagram bandwagon. This thing is the most overrated app ever! I'd been hearing about it for yonks, how amazing it was etc. I'm not sure what I expected but it certainly wasn't photo filters. Its like its become another blogger trademark, everyone's taking their photos with Instagram. Oh well, far be it for me to carry last.

I don't think I ever celebrated Independence Day when I lived in Nigeria, it was just a welcome public holiday giving me extra time to catch up on sleep and whatever programs I'd PVRd during the week and hadn't had time to watch. Nigerians in the diaspora however take Independence Day very seriously, all manner of activities and events, its like patriotism on steroids. 

As a jaded Gidi girl at heart I couldn't be bothered to show up for all the picnics, barbecue's, funfairs etc that I heard were happening, I only came out at night to attend the after party for one of the numerous Nigerian dinners happening simultaneously all over town. My dears, worst mistake of my life, I should have just stayed home and watched BasketBall Wives LA, it was a hot, sweaty mess.

I remember once on twitter, some crazy person said another person looked like struggle, that word was the most apt description for this "party" I found myself at. The entire place looked and reeked of struggle.

I hadn't seen that many Nigerians together in one place in a really long time and I doubt I want to again, the place looked like it was full of illegal immigrants, people perpetually on the run from the Home Office. God forbid me for describing human beings in such a manner but you had to have been there to fully appreciate what I'm saying. Lord knows I didn't spend up to an hour before I bolted. 

Couldn't bring myself to take any pictures, my rep would have been shot to hell, like y'all would be asking what I was doing in such a place.

The next night was a little better, the club we went to we had to pay to get in and we know how close our countrymen are to their wallets so it was less crowded, air was circulating nicely and the best bit, the DJ was mental. Gbedu blasting all night long for real. At least here there were no men pawing me under the pretext of passing through a crowd like last night so I could let loose and dance like no-one was watching.

Best bit about the whole night, ran into a friend of mine from QC, Yosola. She just moved to Abz, excited.com!

Dress: Zara

All in all, it was a fun weekend.

School starts properly this week so its goodbye to the longest vacation of my life.

Love and light xxx


  1. hahaha..I feel you on all those Naija paties.Na real 'struggle'..I dont even bother myself anymore..plus old age has even caught up with me sef.

    Love your dress

  2. i loveee the dress TWP...I definitely know what to expect when there's too many Nigerians in one place and you just defined it for me>>>"STRUGGLE"...funny but true

  3. hahah!, and I thought NYC was the only place with such "struggle". This is the same thing my friends and I say. As in the caliber of ppl there look like winning lottery was their only chance at survival, razz is a major understatement. I have stopped caring a long time ago!, ...........and ur dress is Fiyah!, saw it online but didn't know how it would look on someone else, love it!!

  4. such a small world, studied law with Yosola, Damilola n Funsho. Was shocked seeing their pictures on here lol

  5. It's not just Nigerians. Some Africans just don't know how to "behave" on public. I had to slap some dude at an African club for grabbing my hand after I had already previously ignored his advances Several times that night. And before anyone states this...It is not a money issue. Money cannot buy Class and some people just don't have it. Case in point, all those celebrity rappers who still act the fool. They got out of the ghetto but with all their millions, one can't take the hood out of them.
    On a good note..Happy Independence Day. I'm from Cameroon. Matter of fact my village is close to the calabar border and ive been to nigeria through there lol.

  6. Love your hair and dress

  7. Loool at Struggle and all the pictures you now put up of em.. Lool..


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