Monday, November 21, 2011

House Party #48976

That's probably the number of house parties I've attended this year, I'm becoming a veteran. As these things always go, it was a fun, chilled evening, good music, lems on point. Fun night

Oh yeah, I heard that Dami Duro song for the first time too....err...don't get the hype for real. Maybe its just me but it kinda seems like since and Terry G came out with Pass Me Your Love, a LOT of Nigerian songs have followed this incomprehensible yelling music format.

Like all these songs sound the same.

I'm not knocking Nigerian songs or Terry G, if you know me well you'll know I love Nigerian music and Free Madness is a mega tune (I know every line of that song, even the gibberish, LOVE IT), but we really need some variety. You hear 5 different songs from 5 different artistes and you'll think its all the same person.


Anyhoo the party was banging, they played Flavour's Ashawo 4 times so I was happy, good times..

Gifted mullet shirt (Oy!)
Topshop supersoft Leigh jeans in Pewter
Gucci scarf
Tory Burch flats
Calvin Klein bag

Get a load of this Arm Partay

Started getting a bit tedious towards the end so my partner in crime Amerie and I started taking Intsagram pictures

Always wanted to take a picture flashing some kind of gang sign like a guy. I ROTFLMAO when I see a group of guys taking pictures and they're either pointing at each other in the photo, flashing a peace sign or throwing up gang signs or something. Guys can't just stand and take a goddamn picture, their hands gotta be doing something. Too funny.

Love and light xx

p.s. Thank you guys so much for your lovely comments on my last post, obviously I got a few silly ones accusing me of "showing off" *sigh* you can't win with Nigerians. When I post about clothes or parties, I'm an airhead, when I post about my academic or professional achievements I'm showing off.  To all you spineless anonymous commenters who I'm pretty sure I know in real life and not just virtually, if you're really so tough, stop hiding behind "anonymous", say your name so I know its real.


In other news, the love of my life Mrs. U came into Abz to kick it with me earlier this week, next post is on her visit.

Lest I forget hope you guys have got your Virgos Lounge on, the Party Collection launched today at 12pm, I already have my loot, can't wait to rock them xx


  1. Funny thing is, when I saw the Virgos advert, I knew we wud hear from you soon. lol. Now lets see if I guessed ur loot correctly.... #gleeflyrubbinmyhandsinanticipation

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  3. i was gonna get the "early bird" deal...but am in the US....i was at sooooo mad...when i finally realized what time it was 1pm here and i went on the site and didnt see any "sepcial"...but am still getting something. love their stuff! txs for introducing me to them.
    @ as for your haters whom like you said are pple you know in real life...some africans are just enemies of progress period. I dont know about you but i worked to damn hard to be where I am today so if i want to toot my horn i will tooot it away. SMTH.

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  5. love the snake ear cuff! you pull your looks effortlessly nice!


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