Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fondue and Parties

This past weekend I got it into my head to make some chocolate fondue, I'm a big fan of dipping dishes but I'd never attempted to make one myself. This time however I decided to try what I call "blind cooking", making something I'd never made before without a recipe, depending solely on the way it tasted to be able to guess what went into it.

I famously made a disastrous risotto using my blind cooking method, stupidly using regular rice I bought from Ogba Sunday Market instead of Arborio or Carnaroli rice (where on earth would I have found those in Lagos sef, even if I had known).

With this fondue however, I was like its just melting chocolate, not too big a deal. It wasn't an all out failure like my risotto but it wasn't a roaring success either. Experience is the best teacher anyway, now I have a recipe. Decided to have my friends Amerie and Craig over to try it with me.

Wasn't sure if I could use regular chocolate or I had to buy cooking chocolate, so I just went with my Old Faithful, Dairy Milk and my favourite dipping fruit, strawberries. Pineapples and marshmallows are pretty good too, only fondue I can't stand is the cheese one, weird how I detest cheese but I love pizza.


After gorging ourselves on stawberry dipped chocolates and a sweet Portugese Madeira, Amerie and I got ready for our friend Hazel's birthday. Started messing about with my camera while we were getting ready


Metallic gold loose blazer - River Island
Ribbed tank - H&M
Leather skirt - H&M
Fringed box purse - Topshop
Spiked sandals - River Island

The birthday girl


And a fun night was had by all.

Love and light xx

p.s. Had to add that I recently got my copy of London Life, Lagos Living by Bobo Omotayo, ordered it off Amazon.

Awesome book, go get yours xx


  1. Nice. where did you get your bedsheet?

  2. You are such a beautiful lady.Reading your blog makes me want to start one too. hmm. What Camera do you use? Nice pictures

  3. @TheWhiteList Love your blog btw. No lol'ing, I shamed myself before family and friends

    @Adaku, aaawww we're namesakes! I can already tell you're gorgeous, "Adaku's" are beautiful people, lol. Thank you babe. You should totally start one, its a very liberating experience I tell you. I use a Nikon.

  4. you look so like Nicki M in the first pic. Love your hairstyle. Pls what's the name of the weave?

  5. Hey could you do a review on 'London Life Lagos Living'
    What does it contain?


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