Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daks on Daks on Daks......

Joblessness and my growing obsession with Instagram = a snap happy blogger, and because I still feel a little wanker-like taking iPad pictures outside, my favourite subject to shoot is yours truly.

Sidebar: maybe its just me but lifting that behomoth of a device called an iPad to take a  picture will always look odd. Asian tourists, who are truly not a movie cliche but do really exist in massive droves have switched from their DSLRs and Leica's and the like and can be spotted everywhere taking pictures with their iPads. It still feels kinda weird for me.

Went to yet ANOTHER house party last week, I am fast becoming a house party connoisseur, haven't been to this many since 2003 or so.

Blazer: Bershka
Beatles tee: Primark
Denim shorts: Topshop
Studded velvet smoking slippers: Topshop
(I'm really getting used to this "list your outfit" thing)

There's always that point in a house party when things look like they're about to descend into a mass orgy, some wag starts dimming the lights, people start having a little private time in dark corners, the music changes from upbeat to mellow, some jokers start forming drunk....well my gorgeous profashionals, that is when this blogger usually makes her exit. A lesson I've carried with me all my life is that nothing ever stays hidden, compromising pictures or videos can come back to bite you in the ass and as a future Minister for Petroleum (shoutout to Diezani), can't have anything messing with my political career.

Got back to the old homestead and started getting stuck in the Instagram.

Someone saw this picture and actually asked if it was my younger sister. My baby Muna is 14 years old, a whopping 12 yours younger than me, I was flattered for a nanosecond then just downright annoyed, having me on is one thing but taking the mickey to that extent...not cool, I live perpetually in fear of looking "old". Himself, however confirmed that I looked miles younger in this photo, he is heavily biased though and not to be trusted with effusive compliments.

My obsession with bestial jewellery roars on

see what I did there :)

Amazing how I'm so terrified of live animals, I probably have the worst animophobia I've ever come across but once they're immortalized as jewellery I'm all over it.

From top - bottom
Coiled snake ring - Miss Selfridges
Scarab beetle ring ( I also got the earrings!) - Topshop
Frog ring - Topshop
Owl ring - Miss Selfridges

I could totally live in this shoes...well until the next big thing comes along. I'm such a trend whore, my excuse is I'm still trying to find my style niche, its just taking me longer than most people.

Hey Paul, hey John, hey Ringo, hey George (who is hidden somewhere between my blazer lapels and my right mammary).

Love and light xx


  1. I've been looking for those shoes everywhere but to no avail. They seem to be sold out everywhere :( Did you get them recently? Love the outfit and the rings took it up a notch. Nice one.

  2. @Sankofa. Thank you! Yup, got them 2 weeks ago at the Oxford Circus Topshop. Them things are going fast, I don't think they're even on the site anymore. Sorry :(

  3. Nice Rosary on the door!Totally me,lol xxx I.M (guess) :)

  4. ok so I just discovered instagram and I don't know why I feel so happy when I'm on this app. I actually follow you, saw the pictures on there and loved them. This girl you are just to fine ahn ahn, what is it? The pictures with the bangs are just too fab.

  5. @Anon 11.17, Baby mi gats have protection right from the entrance. Any evildoers try to open my door, Maria di nso is burning them right up.

    @Anon 11.29. Guuurrrl, you're making me blush and tings. What's your ID so I can follow back.

  6. Cute. loving the rosary on the door.

  7. how are you liking the invisible part? Is it very natural?
    Love those loafers!

  8. U look good n laid back but have u thot about changn d background of ur blog? 4 such a vibrant person its too boring so pls make it brighter so ur fans like myself can continue to enjoy visiting.

  9. lol... my ID on instagram is MsPinkus.


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