Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Lawyer

That infernal phrase is what a lot of Nigerians use to describe law students....or my personal favourite.."THE LAW!!" This must be shouted o, you can't say "the law" in a calm, quiet voice, you must yell it for effect.

So annoying.

Therefore as a proper grown up lawyer (2 years at the Bar November 3rd), I no longer have to hear the words "baby lawyer" uttered at me again, however "the law" is still shouted at me intermittently, accompanied by the flecks of spit that propel themselves forward by the force of the shouter's words.

Last week, yours truly had the super awesome honour of being chosen to represent my school at an event hosted by the Energy Institute of Europe. Based on the Dissertations submitted over the summer, the Institute picked the 15 best papers on energy related fields at my Uni and we were asked to come present our work to Oil & Gas Industry professionals and Energy Institute board members.

We were actually just 3 picked from my department and the three of us were all girls (the Head of my Law School had a lot of fun with that). As all these sort of academic events go, it was super boring, long speeches and the like, until it got to the Q&A bit where we had to answer questions based on our work, that, I enjoyed immensely. I love to...for lack of a better word..pontificate, especially when its on topic I excel in, I can talk for daayyyyzzzz *in Nohnle Thema voice*. If not for my supreme lack of patience, I really wouldn't mind being a teacher, imparting knowledge is so much fun.

We had to create one page poster abstracts to summarize our entire dissertation.

My baby!
That blurry bit on the end there was me trying to blur out my phone number in Picasa, discovered after uploading my picture to TWP that my number was displayed in bright technicolour. Obviously I suck at photo editing which is why I have never bothered with photoshop, might end up giving myself 3 noses or something.

Wearing an Asos Ponti dress, which is just the most bad-ass pencil dress ever, but the neckline is cut really deep so had to preserve my modesty with the brooch. Not really a good look to be flashing old men some cleavage while I'm trying to explain to them the challenges to the implementation of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act. My 34B's may not be of Rosa Acosta variety but they can still distract them from this absolutely fascinating topic.

The other two girls chosen from LLM Oil & Gas with me, Scheila and Leanne, top 3 in our department yo....

"Who run the world....GIRLS!


Love and light xx


  1. :) Congrats! I take the bar next year and I can't wait. Good work hun!!

  2. I hope you don't mind me asking, but isn't Abimbola a Yoruba name? Or does it mean anything in Igbo?

  3. I'm happy for you. I like you very much (no homo lurv intended).

  4. Once again, I'm so proud of you baby!!!!! Woohoo! When I saw "baby lawyer", I thought it was about Remember that was her nickname in QC!

  5. LOL! WELL DONE! Now, I know other Energy profashionals :) We should hang out in Nigeria soon. And yes, girls rule the world. QC girls especially :) (*Now waiting for the assault to begin*)

  6. Congratulations. Odiro easy. I was going to ask the same question as Anonymoous re: your middle name.

  7. @Matilda, lol..its a beautiful thing

    @Jeneille, thank you. Oh wow, good luck with that

    @Anon 2.03 and Taynement, thanks you guys. Yup, its a Yoruba name,no Igbo meaning my parents are quirky like that.

    @Anon 2.13, lol, thank you very much. Don't know who you are but I'm pretty sure I'll like you very much too.

    @Bugo, I remember! She used to write it in all the slum books, lmao! Thanks my Bugy baby

    @Ayodeji, are you in Energy too? We should totally hang out, I'm, back for Christmas, email me and lets do something.

    @Adede, thank you!

  8. Its not easy at all. This has just inspired me to work harder. I've still got a long way to go though. 1st yr Law with Crimiology student. Odiro ofele but chukwu kwum na zu.
    Well Done. X

  9. BRAVO
    Beautiful, personable and smart!!!
    nne, nothing do you.

    Keep up the good work.


  10. Nne that good congrats, i love, love love your blog btw

  11. winning and looking good!

  12. I love you so much and I don't even know you. You are too cool. Beauty and brains.Just wow! Congratulations!! Making Nigeria proud!

  13. CONGRATULOBIA this how you dress to UNIVERSITY ? EHnnnn Hall ur breast is outside CHILDREN of nowadays (in my grand mothers accent ) Nne go wear cloth NGWA NGWA ...... LMFAO

  14. congrats girl! So inspired to know you are in law school! Beauty and brains, you got it girl

  15. "The Law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    lol...good job

  16. Asamkpoto 1 of Aro, you stay steady doing Mrs U and the rest of us proud. Your bride price is about to hit the roof oo!

  17. Yeah, You go girl!!! As a feminist I stand up for beauty and brains, we ain't just what 'they' think. While you get ready to replace Diezani Alison Madueke, I'm wearing my shoes to replace Joy Ogwo (Nigeria's Ambassador to the UN). See you at the top. Thumbs Up.

  18. Aww, congrats :) Always nice to see a fellow Nigerian/African woman doing well.

  19. Very nice! Congrats! Beauty and brains!!! #WIN!


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