Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remember The 5th of November

Been looking forward to Guy Fawkes Day since I moved over here, I'm a die-hard pyromaniac and the promise of a 30 minute fireworks show was irresistible, I can literally stare into a flame for hours, just watching the way it moves or the different colours. I remember a long time ago, I think I was about 12 or so, my family and I were in the village for Christmas and a thatch hut on our street caught fire, I was so fascinated by the flames that I got too close and my loooong Patra braids (who rememembers them?) got singed.

Now that I'm older and wiser I just have loads of candles everywhere and I stare at those when my obsession grips me.

On the 5th, the Aberdeen Winter Festival kicked off with a fireworks show at the beach for Guy Fawkes Day, very exciting, the entire town was there, a massive crowd of people. Abz kinda feels like Sweet Valley sometimes, like everybody in town goes to the same schools, same church, everybody knows everybody, the dating pool is shallow so everybody's dated everybody else and they just keep going round the same group of people, also kinda like Gossip Girl. 

Sidebar: Who else buys the premise that in the entire city of Manhattan, people as beautiful and rich as Serena, Nate, Chuck, Dan, Blair etc can't find anyone else to date except themselves...amazing. Plus I'm not feeling Liz Hurley this season, her older woman predator act is getting old. Someone needs to give Liz Hurley some kind of range, get her out of the bandage dresses and into something more comfortable, for the love of God.

I digress, anyway the entire town was out and we all walked en masse to the beach, it was sorta kinda cool.

Bundled up with about two layers of thermals underneath, my immune system is in tatters, God forbid I get sick again.

Yup, gloves too, I repeat...I am not taking any chances.

It was truly spectacular, my Nikon is shit or it would have shown everything in glorious technicolour.

Get a load of this side-eye

After the festivities, since we were already at the beach esplanade we decided to go bowling, which I suck at by the way, but when has that ever stopped me.

This picture cracks me up, Dami and I look like we're about to swallow poor Nike, attack of the 6ft women yo

See how it looks like I know what I'm doing here, sizing up the lane, contemplating how I'm going to take down the pins

Getting into my bowling stance. Obviously I know bupkes because I came last, last I tell you. Didn't bother me none, went off and had a waffle sundae.


What is, and can never be winning though are fugly bowling shoes. Do they always have to be so grim, its appalling. Someone needs to invent some cute bowling shoes. I don't play that often or I'd have got a personal pair, preferably in pink (oooh alliteration), but its a matter of national urgency.

Christian Louboutin, Y U NO MAKE BOWLING SHOES!

Random I know, but I love that Y U NO twitter account, whoever's behind it is hella funny.

Love and light xx


  1. Hahahaha!!! You're blog is amazing! So hilarious! That side eye photo is so funny! :-)

    Can't say I blame you for wrapping up properly. Everytime I've been to Aberdeen it's been freezing!

  2. lol. I suck at bowling. Total, utter suckitude. I've only been twice and managed to pull a Barack each time. Thing is, though, I hate bowling shoes more because of the concept of the gross sweaty germiness of wearing shoes others have worn than their relative unattractiveness...

  3. I luv Gossip Girl!!!! And yes with all the money, beautiful people you date among the same social circle. I live in NY & with all the people & gorg men, I'm still single. *Sigh* .... Off to Naija for Christmas to find hubby in Imo why bc I'm being forced by momsy. :(

  4. Love the way you write. Your blog always leaves me grinning


  5. Looove your jacket! Wheres it from? xx

  6. loool, i dont think you meant to stand over the line, :P


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