Friday, November 25, 2011

Mrs. U!

So my boo, Mrs. U came down to Aberdeen to visit with her favourite child earlier this week, luckily the weather was really good, in fact the weather has been fabulous for a while now. Its late November and it hasn't snowed, hasn't gone below 10.....God is great.

Haven't seen mi mater in forever and in anticipation of the good food that was going to be wafting out of the kitchen and the extra cash I was going to be able to seduce from her, I was literally fizzing with excitement.

Went to get her from the airport and poor mummy thinking she was about to venture into sub zero weather because of the way I'd been complaining about the cold in The Deen, was wrapped in the biggest, furriest, "PETA will have a heart attack if they saw it" fur coat. 

Nearly laughed myself into a coma.

Luckily the night she came was the day the City Council formally lit up the city's Christmas street lights and there was a parade and dancing and stuff.

After the parade, we went to evening Mass...good times

Was actually on my way to school here, it looks pretty dark but it was only about 4pm, we probably only have about 7 hours of proper daylight in Aberdeen now, as opposed to the summer when the sun was still shining at 11pm.

My Alex Folzi case has become my official "school bag", I really dislike carrying my books in one hand and my handbag in the other and a while ago I figured that since my books plus essentials that went into my handbag all fit into my AF case, I might as well give myself a rest and just put everything in there.

Ribbed turtle-neck sweater - H&M
Tribal print skirt - H&M
Boots - Doc Martens
Case - Alex Folzi

 Mrs. U is the most willing photographer I've ever had, my friends are sick of me asking them to take my picture, the minute I begin rifling in my bag for my camera people start disappearing. My mum however, is a rock star, no complaints.

She left me on Wednesday, all by my lonesome and about 10 pounds heavier.

*sigh* I miss her already

Love and light xx


  1. You look just like your mum in the last photo. love the print skirt.xx

  2. Mum is a fashionista herself....LOVE the 2nd to the last pic, she looked fab....all in all Mrs. U has got SWAGGGGGGGGG lol

  3. hey Daks, your mum looks more like your sis! nice genes!!!

  4. Wow! Mrs U is fabs!!! But U knw dat alrdy, lol. An apple truly doesn't fall far from the tree.

  5. You look like your mom in the last picture...She's very pretty and looks very healthy

  6. Awww bless her,she's fabulous... I can totally relate with the finding help "taking pictures" part

  7. You really carried your looks from her and she's still a hottie! love your blog btw

  8. Your mum looks fabulous. Love your skirt.


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