Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Randoms.....

I'm terrible at these "fashion shoots" which are supposed to be the forte of every "fashion" blogger. Being that I don't exactly classify TWP as being strictly about fashion I'm reluctant to plunge myself properly into the world of posing, photographer boyfriend, photoshop, DSLR camera and co, can't be arsed.

Random; some people tend to write "can't be asked". Why Lawd???

I tend to not take myself too seriously hence the lack of proper fashion layouts on here, I honestly feel silly posing for pictures and the like, I'm way too goofy for that. I should really fix up though, things are haps.

Decided to go do a little shopping last weekend, seeing as I happened to be in close proximity to the West End. I thought of doing a haul post but I remembered that Mrs. U reads this here blog, and will probably not be too chuffed seeing where my rent money is being diverted to.

Top: H&M Shimmery Shirt
Jeans: Topshop Super Soft Leigh Jeans in Forest
Shoes: Topshop Eyelash Suedette Slippers
Bag: Mulberry "Daria" hobo
Neck Party: Dorothy Perkins

Still a mystery to me why I was cheesing so much in this photo, I'm not usually this happy.

At yet another airport lounge, waiting for my flight back to the Highlands. I've spent so much time in the air this year its ridiculous. Needless to say if I don't see another airport for a while it'll be too soon.

Oooh, except when I'm coming home for Christmas though. Even if na canoe, I must enter Gidi, by force or by fire.

Top: DKNY plaid shirt
Jeans: Topshop High-Waist Kristen Jeans
Shoes: Tory Burch patent Aaden ballet flat

Till God knows when..

Love and light xx


  1. I love love your hair!!! Pretty outfits

  2. Lmao @ even if it is by canoe. I will suggest that you quickly get started on the journey then!

  3. love the look with d teal pants. u look fab as usual :)

    PS- I keep looking at the invisible part.

  4. Love the hair!!! Spent a good 30s looking at the invisible part. Can't even begin to figure out how they did that.

  5. I dunno about this invisible parting rave that's bound to catch fire soon but I love how you combine your outfits most times...i love the Topshop 'forest' jeans.

    I'm so with you on that @can't be asked' thing....uggghhh!

    You have a beautiful smile even if na by canoe...Thirst for your motherland is always well in line :D... Have fun.

  6. the hair is really pretty, love the way they did it.

  7. Lovely photos, keep cheesing :)

  8. The part looks gooood! Hair salons are pulling out all the stops. yes please!Nice one. I feel you on the airport bit! lol!


  9. i like the colored jeans on you, nice!

  10. i love the denims and ur shoes..dash me now

  11. This hairstyle really suits u and it looks like u've put on a little weight too which is a-ok if u ask me.

  12. you look lovely with short hair and i think you are hilarious everything you say i can just hear you saying it lol well nice blog and looking forward to your posts from Gidi sure it will be loads of fun


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