Friday, November 18, 2011

Beyonce - I Was Here & End Of Time

I swear I had tears falling from my eyes while watching "I Was Here", too beautiful. Beyonce is just.....I can't even articulate it.....she's just amazing.

Funny thing is I was never a Bey stan like that, she was my favourite from DC but the love wasn't intense till I saw her perform live in 2006. By the end of that show I was bawling like a baby, she is literally the greatest performer, male or female, alive.

No contest.

If you know any better performers, please feel free to educate me. This woman is tireless, she gives a 110%, she's dedicated to her craft, to even her own detriment and still you wonder what people have against her. Almost her whole life in the spotlight and all of it scandal free (except those little Destiny Child hiccups, but who's counting). You can count on Beyonce to never fall your hand, like absolutely never.

16 frickin Grammys is not a joke!

My favourite part of I Was Here is when she's running to meet Tina Turner, she looked sooo excited, like a little girl. This woman is perfection.


Goosebumps people...goosebumps


Trust, Ive already pre-ordered my Live At Roseland DVD. I may be old fashioned but I still like having actual cd's, instead of digital everything. I heard a rumour that the major music labels are going to phase out cd's by 2013 and all music will now be digital. Can't believe this futuristic ish is happening in my lifetime yo. 

Love and light xx


  1. That Roseland DVD may become collector's edition. I bought mine after I saw I was there. Bee may just be retiring on us.

  2. I was watching this just a while ago and I was just in awe. I 110% agree that she is a great performer but this right here, particularly, "I Was Here",... I was just speechless as in I finished watching and I was just staring at my screen. Loved it!!

  3. i was bawwling as well!my mum saw me nd got scared 4 a sec nd my sis knowing my addiction to bey,.,rolled her eyes nd had 2 explain!lol!i just love love love love beyonce!its overwhelming sometimes!kai!

  4. okk, i ve been hitting d replay ova nd ova again.. shes jst grat. have alwayssssss loved her.

  5. I love Beyonce. No offense to some peeps but it seems as though only secure chics can relate to her and insecure chicks don't like her. Hell take offense. Could careless.

    I think she was every pretty chic's fave in DC. In the mean time check this out

  6. OK I don't like Bee but after this Vid she's starting to grow on me. I had tears in my eyes, I replayed like 4 times....I must say Bee has come a long way. She's achieved more than most people will at 30....I'm so proud of her. Hope she continues to produce good quality music like she does and keeps her fans happy forever. My fav part in the Vid was when she was holding onto papa Jay, her childhood, Obama and michelle, Oprah, cancer patients and my list is endless. Love love love the video...

  7. king BEE!
    you've got to love her...she has it all


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