Friday, November 4, 2011

Favourite Things

I am currently loving,

Heinz Tomato Ketchup with Fiery Chilli
I'm not sure how long this has been out but I just saw it for the first time last week and literally bust a move at Morrisson's. BEST. IDEA. EVER!! I have been mixing pepper in my ketchup for yonks now, I'm convinced the Heinz exec who thought this up is Igbo, specifically from Mbaise. Only my mother's people understand how special pepper is and how badly ketchup needed it. I can die easy now.

Border Milk Chocolate Gingers
My sweet tooth is legendary, it is so lethal that I can't eat biscuits without chocolate on them. Ginger snaps somehow got past the Sweet Sentry stationed at the entrance to my taste buds, therefore I adore them. However the day I discovered milk chocolate gingers....well, I don't want to go into details...but lets just say a a few tears were shed that day. The joy, the all consuming joy.....

I've always wanted to start a collection of some sort but I never remembered or had the time to. Apart from books where if I like a certain author I make sure I own everything in his/her entire ouvre, I really don't do sets. Recently, I decided to start collecting things from the various cities I've been to but I couldn't decide on what to collect, I wanted everything. I however managed to narrow it down to an ornament of sorts, a key-ring and a fridge magnet. I only just recently started so I haven't made a comprehensive tally of all the cities I've visited prior to beginning this little project but I intend to rectify that asap. I don't know if Nigerian cities have anything that represents them, I really have to find out. I can't wait to really get into it.

My small but growing collection of Virgos Lounge dresses. The gold ruffle shoulder dress and the Vanessa suede dress with beaded detail. By the time I got into VL, other eagle-eyed babes had snatched up nearly everything they had on their site. The ones remaining are not in my size, so sad. I'm definitely a huge fan, can't wait for their new collection.

They actually had a 24hr flash sale on Wednesday so I copped one more,

The Onyx dress, gorge! Gidi go hear am this Christmas, trust.

Evening purses from Topshop. No words, just WOOOOOSSSHHHHH.

Well worth what I spent on them my people, well worth it. If you are a SATC fan you'll understand why I got the box clutch with the really long tassels...

"Why"? non SATC fans ask.

Well in one season, Carrie was going on a date with that perennial asshole Berger (who remembers the scrunchie episode? *DEAD*), and she had this looong fringed purse with gold rings by Fendi. I've coveted that purse since that day. Since I can't find it or more importantly afford it, this Topshop number will have to do.

Only picture I could find of the purse after trawling the internet. Someone, somewhere needs to archive all Carrie Bradshaw's outfits in a single website.

My mini collection of smoking slippers, from L-R; Topshop, Aldo and Topshop. I just need to get animal print ones and I'm sorted for this trend.

Love and light xx


  1. Adaku, you crack me up, lol... and yea your sweet tooth is a on scary level o! wow.

    Side note: A friend of mine sewed The Onyx dress style using ankara, it was really nice!

    I collect shot glasses and key chains from places i've visited. It's all over the place though...

  2. you are going to look hot in those VL dresses!

  3. That Vanessa suede dress was already sold out when I went on.. Ugh... :(

  4. Cute dresses!

    Check me out here

  5. You are lucky to have got the gold bag. It's sold out in London I think. How much was it?


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