Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sophia Grace and Rosie on the AMA Red Carpet

Two posts in one day, that's the power of Sophia Grace Brownlee, I am obsessed with this child. She is just amazing. @TinuO just showed me the video and its been on a loop since then

Funniest bit, asking if Lil' Jon is Lil' Wayne's brother.

Gotta love her.


I kinda wonder how long it'll take before they kick Rosie to the curb, whether or not Sophia Grace claims she gives her confidence, Rosie really doesn't do much. Not being mean, I love them both, just a thought though.

 Love and light xx


  1. You are right. She is a star already and Rosie will soon be kicked to the curb :( Sad truth about entertainment business.

  2. I'm now mildly obsessed with these children and it's all your fault.
    I was mad when i saw them on the red carpet but didn't see them on stage with Nicki, i really wish they'd found a way to include them in the performance.

    I hope they never seperate the girls, i think the fact that Rosie is younger is why she's more quiet, and i'm sure Sophie can be a star on her own, but i still hope they leave them together.

  3. funny i pefer rosie

    sophia is too hyper "look-at-me-now-im-shining-and meeting-CELEBRITIES!!!" "im super star struck" while rosie can't be bothered like "yea, i GUESS im excited too" ... lol... swweeeggg! lol


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