Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Miss Hills Birthday

I've been rather erratic with my posts lately, don't blame me, blame further education, seriously its been a nightmare. The Head of my Law School actually had the effrontery to suggest I do a PHD, I was weak. I'm basically busting my ass here with the only light at the end of the tunnel being my emancipation by the end of January, just for him to expect me to willingly enter another 3 years of bondage. I think not. Added to the fact that by then my bride price will be so high they might have to start putting my face on billboards in Aro begging people to come and take their daughter.

No sirree bobski.

Anyhoo last weekend was my friend Hilda's birthday and I took a well deserved break and hightailed it out of the Grampians for a proper knees-up in London town. 

Miss Hills

Y Girls, can't go into detail. If you went to QC you'd get it.





Sequin & Mesh Dress: Asos ( my people, please this dress is on @pamboogie's birthday wishlist, bless her with it as the good Lord blesses you. Thanks)
Spiked Sandals: River Island

Random, I'm pretty sure its only me because my level of tolerance is extremely low, but I get terribly annoyed when I see people post pictures of themselves on FB and they tag it "moi". For God's sake who else is in that picture besides you? Dr. Seuss? What's the point of tagging it "moi"? Plus why is this done in French? For added cachet? Abi you just think its cool? My minor diatribe might rub you the wrong way but trust I feel like rubbing amala on your face when I see such pictures.

The phrase "link please" runs a close 2nd on my Top Ten List of Annoying Phrases.

Ooooh and one more thing, I got my hair did y'all! I had this thing called an invisible parting done, which is just a lifesaver. Its like a closed weave where no natural hair comes out but there's still a parting. How? Only God knows, hair stylists are magicians, I just know there was a lot of bonding and sewing involved, and horror of horrors my Brazilian had to be diced into little pieces to do the part. So painful, I felt physical pain when it was being cut up, I'm an unemployed student yo, completely dependent on mater and pater so I watch my pennies closely. That hair cost good money and the girl was just cutting it up like it was indomie.

Anyhoo its really cool sha, at least my hair can continue growing underneath the weave without interruption.

You see how my head is bent over my food with intense concentration, meanwhile Nwabugo is posing like say na photoshoot. She could have just passed me her plate and continued posing, woulda saved us a lot of trouble.

Birthday girl in Outfit #2

Another random thing I detest, when people use the word "gal" instead of "girl". It literally sets my teeth on edge. Even if you were thrown out with the bathwater as a baby, what could possibly cause such mindless behaviour?

After dinner we headed out to the club

Wonder of wonders, met an old school friend of mine, Seun,  that night that I hadn't seen since 1999. Amazeballs.

Hilda got an invisible part too.


I promise to be a better blogger, so help me God.

Love and light xx

p.s. Thank you all so much for wishing my mother a happy birthday last week, she was very overwhelmed by all the love, thank you all so much. The only downside is since someone commented that she's the original "asamkpokoto" she decided to hijack my title and bestow it on herself. Therefore I've been ordered to stop using the word "asamkpokoto" in reference to myself any longer, it is now the sole preserve of Mrs. U.

I won't stand for this though, I demand justice.


  1. eyssss...please, i'm beauriful like that! i wasn't posing, it is all nashural...thank you!!! you were the one posing sef..LOL
    Ah Ah.. Remzbaby pose is HOT though!!!
    Mon Ivannnnnn x

  2. Awww bless Hills, she looked hot!!! As for the invisible pattern, I took mine off a week ago (tip: take it off early if not it will chop your hair)

  3. I spy a former classmate of mine from secondary school. Cute pictures.

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  5. i had to comment todayNovember 2, 2011 at 8:22 AM

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  6. eerrrr... TWP biko gbahara.

  7. Haxe dis babe why will yu buy me plain black of this dress when there is shine shine version **
    Nonsense ....(very jealous)
    I will set urs on fire (evil laffter)
    Anyway Project we shall rise again !Lolllll 2012 looking rather bright already !
    Happy belated BD Hilda I see yu had fun sorri I missed d party I owe yu 1.......xoxo

  8. lol...i think u might have been pmsing while writing this blog post...lol at the silly things that irritate u...tehehe..

    anyway....your dress was gorg!

  9. That dress is just so amazing on you!!

  10. I was gonna say Bugo was looking all fab at the table then I saw the posing comment.. Lol.. Bugo don't mind her!

  11. Hmmm... TWP!!! I haven't been a reader of your blog for too long, but from the first time i read, I liked... But I have sensed in the last posts an (for the lack of a better word) arrogant/rude tone... I think you should relax a bit, go back to the happy go lucky 'gal' that made a lot of us glued to your posts...

  12. Finest GAl!!! Kilode.. LOL..
    Love ur blog jo!


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